exfoliating cleanser, similar to Proactiv?

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  1. i am looking for something pretty specific (as usual) and i'm hoping that some of you will have some suggestions for me! i love proactiv cleanser because of the little exfoliating beads in it but since i'm pregnant, i am avoiding benzoyl peroxide and the like. does anyone know of a cleanser that has similar exfoliating beads? preferably something natural/organic without parabens, etc, but i'm open to any ideas! TIA!
  2. As someone mentioned in the Beauty Secrets thread, you can add epsom salts to any cleanser to make it exfoliating. It's just magnesium sulfate (a mineral), so it's not dangerous and it won't break you out :tup:
  3. thanks for the tip claire!
  4. I'm obsessed with Lush.. I use the Ocean Salt scrub. I love it! It has worked better than any of the other stuff I have ever tried. As for a regimine like pro-active.. (I'm assuming you have oily skin like me).. but I use:


    They have alternatives for people with combination skin and dry skin too.
  5. I use St. Ives sensitive skin Apricot Scrub once per week, added to my regular cleanser. It works really well!
  6. Yes, I love this!!! I usually wash my face a few times with warm water before to open up my pores, then I gently scrub for a good 2 or 3 minutes with the stuff, then wash it off. My skin is baby soft after that and stays that way for pretty much a week!
  7. I mixed epsom salts with my face wash last night and my face is soooo smooth today!

    Over the weekend, I was watching an infomercial on Murad's acne complex and it doesn't have benzoyl peroxide in it. Sephora carries it too. I haven't used it, but have been really pleased with other Murad products.