excuse my ignorance re: rose speedy

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  1. I've noticed in some photos of the rose speedy, the patter is upside down while in other people's photos, the pattern is right side up.

    Do the smaller rose speedy bags have an upside down LV pattern?


  2. one side of the speedy is right side up the other is upside down, it is made from one piece of canvas! ;)
  3. oh, lol- is it that way for all speedy bags?

    *shows my ignorance*

    I've been thinking about getting the multicolor speedy, and never realized that.
  4. yep all speedies are that way except for the old french co. speedies.
  5. #5 Jan 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2009
    wow, I can't believe I didn't know this!
  6. LOL, I noticed the same thing couple of days ago and was so confused!
  7. Stick around here and you'll learn so much :smile:
  8. Hi Rushverme - Is your rose speedy made in USA or France? Thx
  9. Grlz do the roses glow in the dark???
  10. I bought the rose speedy on lauch day and I can confirm that one side is up and the other is down. I didn't know that myself either, but I'm sitting here looking at it and it's true. By the way, I have many designer bags and I've never so many looks and compliments as I have with this bag and in such a short period of time! One of the Best purchases I've ever made. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you purseygirls!:heart:
  11. YES! They do! It's so Beautiful!!!!
  12. just fyi.. it's the same case with the graffiti speedy..