1. Hello everyone, just wanted to share my excitment! It's a freezing cold winter's night in bleak Oxfordshire, England-what to do? Visit Hermes .com of course! I'm now the proud owner(or soon will be!) of Vif Argent scarf in black (full size) and the Vif Argent pochette in cerise pink. They should be here by Friday, I CAN'T WAIT!:yahoo::wlae:
  2. oh congrats! both are great choices.
  3. Congratulations!!!
  4. Congrats Scottish Girl, gorgeous choices!
  5. Thank you GG07,hautemom and Rose. Might even post some pics, if I can figure out how!
  6. Good for you! A little "H" cyber shopping does wonders for a dreary night..Congrats!:girlsigh:
  7. Where in Oxfordshire?? I lived in Banbury for 4 years! (congrats on your new purchase!)
  8. Pics, when they arrive!!!
  9. Congrats! Beautiful choices.
  10. Congratulations! it is a cold,snowy,mucky night here in Schomberg, Ontario,
    Canada too! The cerise pink scarf sounds so cheery.
  11. Congrats on two beautiful scarves! I love Vif argent.:yahoo:
  12. Great colors on a great scarf Scottish Girl!

    Cute DD, License to Cook.
  13. Ooh la la! Congrats!
  14. What a great way to spend the day! Congratulations!!!
  15. Congrats on your scarves!