Exchange unused item to LV without tags?

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  1. I recently purchased an item from the LV store. I can't seem to find the fabric tag or item number tag, will they accept my return?
  2. Yes, as long as you have the receipt and the item you are returning is unused.
  3. From my experience yes, they don't always give you the tags. As long as it's in sellable condition and you have the receipt!
  4. Yes as long as it's not fine jewelry or a time piece.
  5. I do have the receipt. I did try my cards in it to see if they fit, is that ok?
  6. If the cards slots are fine... But that depends who will check the item at the moment you return it....

    Ive seen "obviously worn out" item for sale at the store a few times, makes me think if they really check them...
  7. Yes, they look the same. I just wanted to see how tight they were. My only other concern, is that I removed the plastic from the hardware.
  8. It should be fine, they usually take the plastic off before selling them
  9. It's should be fine, my store won't give out the bar code tag anymore, and usually all the protective plastic will remove before they sell it to you!
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  10. I'm sure it will be fine.I once forgot the dust bag, they asked why I didn't have it ..I said I forgot and I could bring it if they needed me to.They told me it's ok , they were just making sure they gave it to me in the first place since it's their requirement. They will just print new ones :smile:
  11. They exchanged it no problem!