excessive shipping for a bag

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  1. If you really loved a certain handbag, would you pay $30 for shipping? (From a seller in the U.S.-and I live in the states too) Do you think that $30 is excessive for shipping?

    What do you think a fair price for shipping a bag should be? And finally, have you ever asked a seller to lower the shipping costs?

    Thanks everyone-would love to hear your thoughts on this!
  2. I charge $18 if I have my own box. And I ship it whatever way that $18 will get them including signature confimation and insurance. Ask them how they are shipping or what that $30 covers.
  3. I pay around $30 for shipping from the US to Canada. I often have to pay this when the seller using Express shipping (through USPS). Ask them if they could ship through Global Priority shipping instead of Express and it should bring the cost down. Good luck! ;)
  4. I charge $25 because I never know exactly how much its going to be. But then I refund whatever is left over.
  5. It's shipping cost for EMS from ASia to USA :lol:
  6. Depends on the size of the bag and if they have to buy a box. For Priority Mail the dimensions of the box factor into the shipping cost. Not just the weight. If a larger box is required than it is possible.
  7. yeah definitely. eBay sellers charge $7 for shirts and $10 for jeans, so why not $30 for a purse?
    i personally charge a little bit higher since i waste so much time at the post office! i rarely find sellers that charge the exact shipping fees.
  8. i don't think it matters much - usually if shipping costs are excessive, the winning bid tends to be lower than what the item would normally go for, so i don't think it makes too much of a difference to buyers.

    sometimes, i might charge a bit more for shipping - it's not to be greedy, but the fees for eBay can get pretty hefty and they need to be covered somehow.

    and then again, sometimes i undercharge for shipping and end up paying more. a lot of times, if i find that if i overcharged for shipping, i actually upgrade to priority or express for the hell of it.
  9. That amount isn't unreasonable if it is being sent another way then by post office, I know UPS is kinda of spendy, if it's being sent by Post Office for that price it darn well better be express mail, which is basically overnight inside the US.
  10. It depends on how heavy and how big the bag is. Leather bag tends to be quite heavy and will be around 3 lbs or more, so it would cost more. Shipping isn't cheap here, on top of that insurance and signature confirmation, eBay fees & Paypal fees...
  11. I always take shipping into consideration when I bid on an item. I just decide how much I'm willing to pay, including the shipping. So what if someone charges more for shipping... I might get a bargain on the item. It really doesn't bug me about the shipping. If the shipping quote is high, then I just bid less.

    There are lots of things that go into shipping costs.... bubble wrap, gas, time at PO, etc... I'd never ask someone to reduce the shipping costs.
  12. I have often paid that much for shipping. I charge 25 usually, but it includes insurance and delivery confirmation. I have paid 45 to ship a bag to England. And lost money in the deal. I almost always underestimate the shipping.
  13. $30.00 is not necessarily excessive. It depends on the size and weight of the package as well the amount of insurance required. I ship via USPS Priority Mail with tracking, insurance and signature confirmation. All of my shipping labels are printed thru PayPal. I've often had to charge in the $30.00 range to ship via this method from one coast to the other.
  14. Last time I shipped a chanel jumbo flap, from NY to CA by USPS Priority+ signature confirmation, which cost me almost $35 dollars.:wtf:

    The max I have paid, it's $35 dollars on shipping.

    I think it depend on the size of the bag and weight.:yes:
  15. I agree with everyone else, $30 doesn't seem too high.