ewwwww! Fake LV backpacks on ebay!


Which of these is the worst?

  1. Plastic Montsouris

  2. Frankenstein

  3. MC "Ellipse"

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Just a collection of the best of the worst:
    Plasticky Montsouris with fakey hanging tags- ew
    wtf? A Montsouris/ Ellipse frankenstein creation? double ew :sick: :sick:
    Words cannot describe- triple ewww :sick: :sick: :sick:

  2. hahah the last one is horrible hahahhahahahahha I've actually seen people with it on ....and for some reason....people who wear the fake MC give me the stare down like I'm wearing fake ones......hahahahha
  3. They're all hideous! The MC has to be the worst. The colors are horrible!
  4. That last one was so horrible! Oh my god!
  5. They're not even good looking fakes, they're plasticy and I can tell they are fakes from a mile away.
  6. I'd say the MC Ellipse! OMG, the LV's aint even centered plus they even threw in some red ones too! OMG!
  7. The MC ellipse is the worst one!! that is soooooo horrible
  8. ekkk.