everyone, meet craie

  1. My craie paddy arrived!!!! And she's GORGEOUS!!!!:yahoo:
    Such a smooshy marshmallow!!:heart::yes: Totally, totally in love! My boyfriend even said he would let her sleep with us the first night she arrived :nuts:.

    Enjoy the pics! I put her next to vanilla for comparison of the colors.
    DSCN1374.JPG DSCN1368.JPG DSCN1362.JPG
  2. i really apologize for the pixelated look of the pics - i don't know how to re-size them properly so that they can look pretty - i'll try again!
  3. ok, hope this works this time!
    DSCN1362-2.JPG DSCN1374-1.JPG
  4. Very nice:heart:
    Hope your bed is big enough for the three of you!:graucho:
    Congrats & enjoy your new friend!:nuts:
  5. Beautiful craie! Love the older paddy leather!
  6. which year is craie from?

    the colour of it looks like a cloud.. love it..
  7. Congrats - so huggable! I looove light color paddies!!!
  8. Congrats! How do you like the colour?
  9. Very pretty!
  10. Bluegenes, very pretty!!!
    Let me know if it goes for auction, ok?:p
  11. Love both colors. Great bags!
  12. mgdinosaur, the craie is 2005. it's hard to capture on camera, but it's a bit more off-white than the bright color in the photo... the second solo photo, i think, captures the color better.

    amacasa, i don't know! i have a feeling this one might stay with me forever, along with chocolate. :yes::heart:
  13. so pretty, congrats bluegenes! :smile:
  14. So sweet and pretty! Congratulations big time.
  15. ok, sorry, this is a repeat picture because i don't know how to edit, but i played with the photo editor on my computer and this is a better representation of vanilla, i think: