Everyday Bag as an Evening Bag??

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  1. I recently have noticed that a few people I know have been wearing bags that I consider everyday bags, as evening bags?

    For example, I went out to a martini bar with my girlfriends over the holiday and one of my gf's was wearing her lv damier speedy with a micro mini, strapless cocktail dress. And then a wedding I attended after the new year, a guest at a formal affair wore her lv monogram neverfull GM with a strapless black dress which looked pretty ridiculous.

    Maybe it's just me, but I have my "going out bags" and my "everyday bags". If I'm going out to dinner I would probably wear either or...

    Do you ladies have everyday bags and evening bags? or find that you wear your bags everywhere for every occasion?
  2. hmmm, I'd guess 90% of women don't care so much about bags and never even give it a second thought. I didn't 10 yrs ago.
    Only maybe a year ago did I buy a true 'evening' bag.
  3. I dont own an evening bag, I never go anywhere that would require an evening bag. My daughter on the other hand needed a bag to wear to prom so she owns a cute patent leather evening bag. so I guess I have taught her well! and I do agree a neverfull or speedy does not constitute an evening bag nor does either look nice with a strapless dress.
  4. I love wearing evening bags/night bags whenever I think it's appropriate. I have this yellow buttercream cole haan clutch that I use when I go out for the night during the summer.

    I know someone who wore their black ferragamo bag with an orange dress and matching heels. The outfit was cuter than it sounds but the bag threw off the look.
  5. I hate seeing daytime bags out at night at formal events or clubs. I'm not saying everyone should have an "evening"-evening bag, but at least buy a smaller bag that looks more appropriate for the occasion! that's why I love my Chanel medium flaps, goes from day to night easily.
  6. going to dinner with the hubby? i suppose i'd either use a day bag, a small day bag or an evening bag. a party? same thing. but, any event that requires a special "clothing" purchase does deserve an evening bag.
  7. I only have on "evening bag" and the rest are day bags. I usually carry my evening bag just to the bars and stuff so I don't have to lug around my huge bags. But I still worry someone is going to spill something on it :s dang college kids ;)
  8. Ditto.

    It's the only reason I even own clutches... not practical for "all day" use.
  9. I have a couple clutches in winter and spring colors that I use as evening bags. However, that's because my every day bags tend to be huge, like dr. bags or totes.

    Not since prom, however, did I have an evening-exclusive bag, like satiny bejeweled extravaganzas.
  10. ive seen this a lot lately in restaurants and at weddings. personally i find it a bit odd bc the bag is just too big. there is no room at the table! i think people figure the bag is designer and want to show it off.
  11. I saw a girl with a MC speedy in a discotheque a little while back. I thought it looked a bit out of place. I don't know, but I personally wouldn't go out with a large handheld bag, because that would keep me from having fun (dancing, drinking, lounging etc..). But to each their own I gues.

  12. ^ exactly how i feel. especially at the wedding i went to, the girl and i happen to not get along and she knows how i collect designer purses. so i felt she wore that purse to "show off" to me. while i had a beautiful dior deco clutch, that went perfect with my outfit.

    also.... to clarify, i mean "evening" bag like a smaller bag not a huge tote or anything! for example i use my lv papillion 26 or chanel small flap when i go out.
  13. I have evening bags, everyday bags and school-bags. Some dresses just require a clutch or real evening bag imho. But I've noticed it a lot too that some people don't really think about it. I on the other hand, always stand in front of the mirror ( all dressed up ) trying to decide which bag works best!
  14. I've always been into bags and different bags for different occasions, even before I had any awareness of higher end bags. So I have large bags, small bags, shoulder bags, hand-held bags, clutches and evening bags. A day bag just doesn't usually work for evening, so if I know I will be out later in the evening without a chance to change bags, I will likely carry a small shoulder bag on a thinner strap or a basic clutch. For fancy evenings I have a jeweled clutch. I find very few occasions to wear a hand-held, but I keep one just in case!
  15. I guess for me it would depend on where I'm going. If I'm just going out for last-minute quick drinks at Chilis or a place like that, I would probably take my regular day purse. If I'm going to a club or a nicer restaurant, I definitely have smaller purses that hold only the essetials.
    My favorite "evening" bag right now is my Kooba Bonnie :smile: