Everday bag in pink?

  1. S an everyday bag in pink good or better some natural colours. Like brown beige black???

    It not a very cheep bag so i dont know. Im a girl i wear not 4 or 5 colours in one outfit.

    Thanks a lot for your answers and help.
  2. Why not? It depends on the colour of clothes or shoes you are wearing.....and if you have already got a beige , brown or black bag.
    Personally I would not buy a pink bag, it would give me a strong headache when getting dressed in the morning...unless it's a Le Pliage. My sister has bought one in pink and she carries it with all sorts of colours, without any problem...May be it's because it isn't a leather bag.
  3. You should buy what is good with your wardrobe. A very light pink can look very girly and romantic.
  4. Hi!
    I think it depends on the shade. I think a blush color goes w/ almost everything:tup:
  5. I have lots of bright colored bags, including pink. I love wearing them with any and everything. It's really not as difficult as people think it is to wear colored bags. And it's not a rule anymore that your bag has to match your shoes. And pink, especially, does go or at least it doesn't clash with a surprising amount of other colors. I say buy the pink bag!
  6. Pink can look great! Depends with what you will wear it.
    But I would buy pink.
  7. I'm all for color! I think if you like carrying it and feel like it looks good, then why not?

    I colored my hair last week, and I had it cut. Both needed to be done, and I was stunned how different I felt when I had a more streamlined haircut and good color. While I know appearances are not everything and looks are not everything, feeling good about how we look gives us confidence in other areas. If this bag is lovely, affordable, and gives you a boost, then don't let the pink stop you. If you will be self conscious, then don't buy it.
  8. I love color. I feel happier carrying my colorful bags than black. I don't even own a brown bag. My pink bag is one of my favorites and I don't even wear pink clothes.
  9. I've been looking for a pink bag..not neon pink...but a nice pink! I say go for it!
  10. i wear a lot of pink so i could not do it
  11. I bought a pink purse a few years ago and used it as my everyday bag until I bought other purses. I still have that purse and will wear it with pretty much any outfit. I don't think you'll have a problem with using a pink bag as an everyday bag. :smile: If you love it, buy it!
  12. Hi. I've been using my pink Jeanne Goyard and people seem to like to it. Go for it.
  13. I bought a beautiful pink, (leather) bag a few years ago. But, I went to T.J.Maxx and got it there. I didn't want to invest a lot in it. I like using it in the spring and summer when I wear my colorful Lacoste polo shirts, some of my Hawaiian shirts and also various batik shirts. It adds a nice pop of color. It also works with the right shade of khaki tan clothing.
  14. As you can see, I like pink bags... Carrying my Jellys around this summer makes me feel all happy. I thought, when I win th elottery, or sell my house, and buy a Birkin, maybe it should be pink. I think you need to consider that light colors are susceptible to color transfer or showing dirt, but if that is not a concern for you, by all means consider it. I do understand your reticence, however. With a high end bag you are talking about something you will have long term.
  15. And the Pink (Cyclamen) Le Pliage Cuir is gorgeous. It may be a spring season color but I'm sure the original poster will be able to pick it up on the net or in a store somewhere, perhaps even at a lower price!