Ever ship to Albania?

  1. Well, this one is new for me. I always ship worldwide and thankfully all my items have always been received in their respective countries. I've shipped to Canada, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Greece, China, Japan, etc.

    I have a zero feedback bidder from Albania bidding on one of my items. Has anyone ever shipped items there? I'm a little uneasy about it, and would love to hear other opinions.
  2. never send to Albania but be sure to send it full insured.. Only thing I know is that in this kind of country's it can take a long time until they receive it... best thing is to send it true ups, dhl, fedex or tnt..
  3. I wouldn't risk it.
  4. Well, it looks like I won't have to risk it. The buyer hasn't paid and she's bid on items from other sellers and hasn't paid either. Ugh, now to start the hassle of the NPB process .... but at least I didn't lose any money! I'll relist again and hopefully it will sell to a legit buyer.
  5. I'm sorry you had rotten luck :s But you're right, you didn't lose any money! I almost always cancel No Feedback bidders unless they contact me and we talk a bit first. I know that's awful but I've been burned too many times.