Ever see one of these babies?

  1. I am thinking about snatching this baby up! I have never seen one of these before and it is so pretty. A Coach Canvas/Python Boxy Purse! All I know is that they retailed for 750. Not sure how old this is, but it is pretty. What do you think?


  2. WOW!! I've never seen it in that color. I absolutely Love:heart: it, Go for it!
  3. Oh wow I love it!!!!
  4. It's pretty!

    But I hate snakes so this purse kind of makes me cringe a little...:wtf:
  5. Oooh. It looks exquisite. But I couldn't imagine touching python either.
  6. I've never seen a Coach dust bag like that...where is the pic from?
  7. I haven't seen a dust bag like that either. Could it be an older version dust bag?

    The purple python is very pretty!
  8. WoW, go for it....it's hot!
  9. Whoa...SOOOO pretty. It would certainly stand out from all signatures floating around!
  10. oooh that is very cute. the color is nice.
  11. I saw a version of that bag (also online somewhere - heck, probably here at some point) but in a different color and I loved it. The lilac python is stunning!
  12. cute! love python!
  13. wow, that is a super hot bag! def. perfect for summer!!

    curious about the dustbag though... it looks kinda off...
  14. Coach Vachetta leathers come with that oh so soft dust bag! At least two of mine did. It's a serious dust bag! And, yes the Python Boxy Tote is a great bag.