Ever scared you are getting a "display" bag

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  1. at BalNY?? Do the the SA's have to tell you if it is a display?? I am always afraid of the display or someone else's return:confused1: :confused1:
  2. Not for Balenciaga, but I got a display Bulga bag from Big Drop NYC once. It looked it had sat baking in the sun for months... the front and back were radically different colors and the bag had blue pen marks on it. Needless to say, I returned it.
  3. just thought i would add my 2 cents..
    when i placed my first order at balny, they actually told me that the bag i wanted was the display one, but my SA assured me that it was still perfect, so i took a chance, and it was perfect..not veiny or worn at all.
  4. I try not to, Im mpaying full price, I would expect to get a "perfectly new" bag. Even if it's on the display stand for 2 hours, I would still hesitate. Psychologically, it's not "new" anymore KWIM?
  5. I personally don't like display bags but I have gotten some from Barneys when I refused to buy Bbags sight unseen. But over time I have become attached to these display bags. These days I just order them and they are very nice and new :smile: But I do wonder if my recent bag was a return or display at BalNY because it was their very last one.....:confused1:
  6. I always make sure I tell my SA that I want a "brand new" bag from the bag, not a display please!
  7. My SA told me that a lot of bags are used as displays..she said they are always re-arranging the floor bringing out new ones and putting the old ones in the back (ones we buy). I'm like okay so you have no idea if a bag that is being purchased by someone has been on the floor and she said no. I was annoyed at that but what are we going to do??
  8. i just bought a display bag by choice. The leather was better than all of the other bags that they pulled out from the back still in packaging. I debated for awhile, but the leather difference was HUGE. The '06 bag on display felt just like an '05 leather! The new ones were really not as nice. I guess you would have to be there to see what shape the bag was in.
  9. There is not much choice here so I bought a dispaly one once but it really was perfect!
  10. No.
    Except one bought unseen from a lovely Pfer,
    I've chosen all my bag whith my lovely SA !!!
    As she know my tastes she always keeps some 4 or 5 of each model I want hidden, to let me choose among them !!!
    I'm lucky !!!
  11. Actually, the BalNY store doesn't display alot of bags. The store design is kind of "cavelike" with only one picture window in the front that I doubt gets much sunlight. They display a few bags by the window and a few sprinkled around the interior of the store. I would say 95% of their stock is in the back storeroom and you have to ask an SA to bring out specific colors and styles.

    Sooo...your chances for getting a display bag from BalNY is probably slim. I would think they would offer a display bag only if it was the only one left in stock.