Ever Read A Boring Book ?

  1. The most boring books I've read so far are :

    Angels & Demons (Dan Brown )
    Wish You Well (David Baldacci )
    Devils Banker (Chris Reich )
    The Patriot ( Piers Paul Read ) :oh:

    How About You ? Ever Read a Boring Book ?
  2. Harlequin novels.. honestly, they're so repetitive !

    Most of my boring books are text books, so they're required reading. Here on Earth by Alice Hoffman was probably the most disappointing non-required book I've ever read, it's totally just a rehash of Wuthering Heights !!
  3. Yes, I would say most of the novels I was forced to read in school were boring. Sorry, guys I hated my literature classes. Also, I really hated those plays, like "Death of a Salesman" and "Our Town"
    Not to mention all the textbooks!
    However, I usually like the books I pick out, I was reading "Valley of the Dolls", but I can't quite get into it. Now I switched to "The Color Purple". It is really good, but way different than what I thought from the movie.
  4. I'm an English major, so I have to do a lot of reading, and unfortunately a lot of it ends up being really boring. Anything from the 18th century is a tranquilzer gun for me. Pamela, Joseph Andrews, and A sentimental Journey were by far the worst of the bunch.
  5. I hate reading. I didn't read one single textbook in high school. I think I have ADD. I can't concentrate...I look at the page and read the words...but I don't comprehend it because I think about other things...and my little brother has it so hmmm. The only thing I did read was a novel or two for mandatory book reports (but then again, I would do the same book I already read in middle school or something). I can't even get myself to read my college text-books.

    The only book I have ever read for fun was "Forever" by Judy Blume....it was kinda boring because it was based in like the 70's...so I can't really relate to it much.
  6. The worst book I ever read was "Ibn Batuta" for a history class in college. Saying it was horrible is an understatement. I almost literly went to sleep reading it. It was boring AND bad.
  7. The Devil Wears Prada. I only made it about half way and then got rid of the book. Maybe the movie will be better.
  8. You know the material is boring if you have to try standing up while reading so you won't fall asleep. I remember that from school.
  9. To tell you the truth, if it's boring, I stop reading and get rid of it. I have a hard time remembering books I like!! :lol: I think I have Sometimers. Now, bad movies or bad songs I remember.
  10. Hamlet. We had to read this book Sophomore year in high school. It was sooooo boring. I am surprised I read the whole thing.
  11. Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance. I just couldn't continue and that almost never happens.
  12. Mostly anything required X_x
  13. hubby's science fiction books and romance novels i find at work. didn't stop me from finishing them though. i swear, i read books like most people watch a television program that's on right before or right after the one they actually want to watch. if it's there and i pick it up, i'm hooked. good thing i'm a fast reader. :smile:
  14. Wuthering Heights (Emily Bronte)

    King Lear (Shakespeare)
  15. Catcher in the Rye (Salinger)
    What a pointless crock of .... It may be a staple of litterature but it was a waste of my time.