Ever order from botkier.com?

  1. I placed an order last night, now today the bag I chose is "unavailable" on there website, do you know if they cancel a lot? Do I have a sad "sorry we are out of stock" messege coming my way???:confused1:
  2. If you dont get the bag from them you're lucky. You can most likely find the bag your're looking for elsewhere, look for a place that allows returns without penalties. I will never again order directly from botkier as their return policy is horrendous.
  3. I also ordered from the botkier site and they cancelled on me so you might be getting a call like I did.
  4. I have ordered from them and once they did not cancel on me but they did cancel on a friend who ordered like a day later. Good luck! You can email their CS, they are usually pretty good about writing back.
  5. I've ordered from them 3 times without a problem, but I try to order from a place with a better return policy. Because they are so small, their customer service is really responsive. You can email Jinnie Choi at jinnie@botkier.com.
  6. Thanks! Still waiting to see if I am a proud new mommy of a beautiful new botkier! We will see........I will let you know!
  7. i ordered the devon small satchel in eggshell from their website since i couldn't find that style elsewhere and they had it on sale. as i live overseas i had the bag shipped to my friend's place in california and the bag arrived on the expected delivery date, BUT without a dustbag!

    so i wrote them last week and they promised to send one out to my friend, it hasn't arrived yet though.

    hope your bag doesn't get cancelled!!
  8. It has been shipped, yeah!!!!