Ever noticed....

  1. Ever noticed when your trying to be good and cut down everything you wanted is suddenly available...I don't think I'm strong enough to resist
  2. I know the feeling ... Everytime you go shopping with money there never really anything that speciel, but I've you decide to just go looking and you know you cannot spent any money everything is available and you see all those things you just cant live without ... I believe it like some torture to make you feel even worse when you have no money ....
  3. ^^^^^^^

    Of course!!!
    lol....tell me, I'm curious to know what it is you're trying to resist, you have one of the best LE collections around !!!!! ????
  4. I hear ya...I was just thinking last night that I had enough for a while and lo and behold I got a call from my SA today that a bag I really wanted was available so I just HAD to get it, right?;)
  5. I hear ya, even though I have zero money I ended up buying the Neo Cabby and the Sophie because I'd kick myself if I woulda missed out on them. I woulda liked to have waited maybe 2 more months!

  6. Thank you..argh I can't say I'm afraid some one will steal them away from me LOL

  7. :tup:
  8. Ug I know exactly how you feel! I'm practically broke but there are so many things I want. The bags I want are not LE but I just obsess over them and have to buy them right away to satisfy my craving. It's really bad.:rolleyes:
  9. totally, this happens to me all the time. I was suppose to be on a ban for the month of august, but I have already purchased two bags and its only 8/6.
  10. Sigh...I know what you mean...just when you thought you were good...phone rings and your SA's voice becomes the most beautiful sound in the world...
  11. This just seems to happen to me when I run out of money! LOL
  12. I know what you mean, that's why going on a ban never works. It's kind of like going on a diet, then all you think about is food and you end up eating more!
  13. Yes, you are right! I have been trying not to be on TPF as much (only 2 hours a day versus my normal 10...lol...j/k) and have definitely been staying away from pics of what I would want. I'm happy to say I've been good with saving myself for Sept. 1st! Yeah! And I already have a few thousand in my "slush" account. This is the very first time a semi-ban is working for me. So Label, just stay away from pics and don't go looking for it...cause you'll find it (especially when you are on a ban)! That's just Murphy's Law! lol ;)
  14. oh gosh I feel your pain .. I think it's some sort of weird curse .. when you have money to spend you never see anything you like.