Ever had a really crappy couple of weeks?

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  1. Stuff just keeps on turning around and screwing you big time, little to no things seem to work out in your favor, it's just very frustrating.
    What to do in those times? Shopping doesn't work, already tried. :hrmm:
  2. Eating?? (thats always a good back up) which goes hand in hand with drinking!! (yeah!!) Last resort hard core exercise. My kick boxing class can be just the ticket when Im more than pissed.
  3. Oi shopping isn't working? Sometimes I take a day to myself - sleep in, go downtown, grab a cup of coffee or have a yummy meal and get a pedicure or haircut. I usually walk away feeling a lot better than before - a little self pampering never hurt because hey, you're worth it!
  4. A one pound box of Godiva Truffles. Works wonders every time. Especially when accompanied by a good pinot noir.:drinkup:
  5. How about watching some old classic movies...Kinda like get away from it all...
  6. Aww hope your week gets better, Vlad! :smile:
  7. Sorry you had a rough few weeks! It will get better. I usually go for a run when I am really stressed out. Or I will shop--alot! Take care!
  8. I hope your weeks gets better!

    If I'm really stressed - I go shopping, spend time with friends (with wine, of course:smile: or if I'm really motivated - exercise.
  9. shopping is not work? oh waw, that's depressing, hehehe....... how bout coffee? or...... me have your situation, i play my music instrument.......... or........ maybe ask megs to somewhere out, a lil getaway from your town?
  10. I uh...cry on my boyfriend's shoulder. Other than that...tPF helps! I hope things start looking up for you!
  11. Story of my life lately, Vlad. Stress, stress, stress. My outlet is to come here--seriously!:yes: I can understand that it wouldn't be the same for you, tho--you and Megs do all the work, and we have all the fun.

    Go to a movie or rent a fun DVD? It would get your mind off things for a couple hours. I think the holidays make everything more difficult--unrealistic expectations and demands on all of us.

    I hope things turn around fast. Best wishes.:heart:
  12. Call family, call friends, talk to them. Whenever you have troubles and your family and friends support you it helps you to get through the crappy times.

    Of course, I ALWAYS try shopping first....then.....
  13. crying, screaming, throwing things
  14. I second this! :drinkup:
  15. Vlad - explain the crap so we can disect it. :yes: Hope everything is better soon!