Ever damaged your own bag by accident?..

  1. So, I'm packing today.. Whole family is flying to Australia on holiday tonight to visit relatives for a month.

    Planning to take my recently purchased mini cookie in oak... Take it out the dust bag from the carrier bag... And there is a big scratch on the front.

    Realised with horror that when I told DH to tuck a folded mulberry carrier into the bag holding the cookie the other day that the corner of the folded mulberry bag must have done it.

    Horrified. Packing has come to a halt. :sad:

    DH insisting you can't see scratch when wearing it... But I know it's there.

    Has anyone else ever damaged their bag by accident?
  2. Oh poor you! Yes I have a few horror stories to tell. A word of warning - most of the damage I have done to a bag has been down to me trying to rectify a minor, invisible to anyone else, scratch, scuff or slight stain. In my humble opinion, they are best lightly buffed with some leather cream and then LEFT ALONE! Lol. Not preaching at you, but it's true. Your lovely little cookie will acquire other battle scars as she progresses in this life and they only add to her charm. Enjoy Australia!:smile:
  3. Oh no! You can imagine your horror!! :panic: Have you tried Collonil on it? Do you have the leather gel? I don't know what else to suggest! I'm so sorry this is happened :shucks:
  4. Voice of reason! This is why I love this forum! I feel a bit calmer myself now :smile: And your DH has said you can't see it as well.

    I do hope you have a lovely time in Australia, Kingla!
  5. oh no!! I would try the gel as Cupcake says but if your dh says he can't see it when being carried it's probably not as bad as you think.....enjoy your holiday :cool:
  6. I feel so much better after reading this... Thanks sacdujour!!
  7. DH is feeling guilty me thinks!...
  8. Have just buffed it with the collinol gel. Not much better I'm afraid.
  9. Well said, sacdujour - scratches and scuffs are inevitable, and actually in the long term, give our bags their character - and Mulberry leather is so gorgeous anyway - it just gets better with age. But I totally get that the first "accident" initially is always the worst - as it is so noticeable (more from a psychological point of view really) but will really just blend in over time. What I'm really trying to say, in my roundabout sort of way, is don't worry and enjoy your lovely bag! I remember the first scratch on my new mob screen - was gutted - but then didn't really bother me when a whole load more inevitably arrived!!!!:biggrin:
  10. Guys you have all made me feel a lot better.
    Better get back to packing leaving soon.
    Thanks all!
  11. I remember that Cars 2 movie regarding the scratches and dents. But of course some people can be very obsessive about their things, and it is understandable. :flowers: I also personally don't mind a little scratch and scuff.
  12. As everyone on here says - the first damage is the worst. Not saying it doesn't matter but you will stop focusing on it soon, I promise. With the lovely leather the cookie is made from, these scratches do sort of 'self-heal' to a certain extent. My oak bayswater suffered in a similar way (someone ran past me with a wire shopping basket in a supermarket) and I swear, with the passage of time, I can hardly point it out now.
  13. Apart from some colour transfer I have somehow scratched the plaque on my Daria satchel. Did really annoy me but I just live it now!
  14. Oh no!!! As the other ladies have said.. It all adds to her charm, but I understand your worry!

    ... Maybe your dh will treat you to something else to help with the healing... :giggles:
  15. I foolishly left my oak Brooke in a Mulberry carrier bag that my cat decided it would be good to play in. She left a couple of small but noticable scratches in the leather. I was so angry at the time, but now my little cat is long gone but whenever I use the Brooke and see the scratches they bring back memories of my naughty little cat...and I smile.