Ever buy a bag, return it and then buy it again??

  1. Yeah..I did today. Last week I bought the mini lin speedy, pochette and cles. Slept on it last Friday night and sent it back on Saturday. Today I ordered the same three things from an LV boutique in Santa Clara..Nice I know..I am sooooooooooooooo indecisive!! I searched all week for something else and the mini lin just kept popping back into my head. Please share your stories w/ me on this subject so I don't feel totally weird!! Thanks!!
  2. this never happen on me
    because everytime i purchase anything...no matter how much is it
    I will think for a long time....once i got it, i keep it
  3. i have yet to do this.. if i do decide to return it, i usually don't go back to buy it.
  4. I may return an item, but I never buy it again.
  5. I am prob the most indecisive person you will ever meet, hence all the poll questions asking what I should buy next. In Feb of 06 we were in Vegas and I was at the fashion show mall and went into Saks and saw the Coussin bag. OMG, loved it so much.....then I looked at the price tag $760!! Yeah right up until then the most I had ever spent for a purse was a Coach for $198. SO I told hubby and he said I was OUT OF MY MIND. So anywho we had too much to drink and went walking around the Forum Shops. We went into the LV store and he pulled out his CC to buy me the Coussin. I knew he would go balistic once he sobered up so I told the SA no thanks.

    Then in Aug 06 we went back to Vegas. I saw some lady carrying around the Sonatine and told hubby and my BFF & her hubby it was soo cute. Later hubby went and bought it for me and a matching small wallet (for the life of me I can't figure out which one it was). He gave it to me right after buying it and I decided that I wanted something I could carry on my shoulder instead. SO I returned it the Sonatine, kept the wallet and bought the Recital. The next day, I returned both the wallet and Recital and bought the French Purse wallet ($575) and the Coussin (now $800). Needless to say I was glad we were leaving that day as given one more night to sleep on it, I prob would have returned both of them again from buyers remorse. I have never in my life spent $1500 on myself.

    So now I am back to wanting a smaller bag or pouch for an "on the go" reason instead of lugging around my Coussin. So once again I am looking at getting the Sonatine, Recital or Pochette Accessoires.

    I KNOW, I KNOW...........TOTALLY INDECISIVE!!! :wtf:
  6. Don't feel bad. I know of many gals here (including myself) who have returned or sold a bag only to regret it later and re-buy it.

    Its not a big deal. Its not against the law to change you mind....i do it ALL the time. LOL:smile:
  7. No, I have never done this.
  8. yup. same here!
  9. I bought the Damier Speedy when it first came out. (Dh actually stopped by LV and brought it home for me..) I was all happy cuz it was made in France...I know they're all the same..but I like when it says France. :rolleyes:

    I liked it, but I was totally unsure. :shrugs: I thought it was maybe "too dressy" for me....or "not me", "too dark" perhaps. I don't know...Ugh...

    I returned it like 4 days later.

    Then....2 wks went by...and I saw a pic on tPF of a fellow PFer dressed casual like I like to dress. I was like :wtf: !! It looks great on her!! OMG!! I screwed up!!

    I ordered it from Elux (hoping for another Made in France...but decided to go with whatever they sent me..) Well, my bag comes and it has a defect on one of the handles. Looked like a speck of paint/or like it had been touched up or something, I don't know...(btw, it was Made in the USA). I decided to send it back cuz of the defect and had put in for a exchange. Then dhs like "let's just go to LV and get one.." So we go...and I ask the SA for one that says France..."She's like we have one left that says France". :yahoo: I look it over and it's perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I got home emailed elux and told them I went to LV and picked up one from the store instead and just to send me the return info etc. and that was that.

    So, I guess it was meant to be!!

    Don't feel weird or whatever. Things like this happen. :yes: Like I said..."It was meant to be!!"

  10. No, but I did give my mom my MC shirley and changed my mind....she loved it so much, I had to buy another, beacuse I didn't want to ask for it back.
  11. Yeah, can't say this has happened to me...yet. I've bought an LV, returned it and regretted it, but haven't yet gotten it back. For the record, it's the black MC Trouville.
  12. I did that with a chanel drawstring tote that I got last year. I felt it was impractical, returned it and then bought it back and used it all summer!
  13. Yes! I bought a mono Speedy 25 but decided to return that and get the PH. Several months later I bought the Speedy again. Also (kind of similar), I purchased the mono Papillon 26 (my very first new LV), sold it several months later and have been missing it ever since. This past week I bought another Papillon 26, only in the Damier instead.
  14. Hehe these posts are funny. I HAVE done this - but with a Coach bag. I bought it...wasn't sure I loved the color....I returned it...then went back to Coach about 2 weeks later and saw it again and bought it again! My god that's so psychotic!!!!
  15. :yes: My cerises speedy. Im soooooo happy I "rebought" it!:wlae: