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  1. OK lets try this then. Has anybody seen an Evelyne recently. Myself and a couple of lovely tPF'ers are trying to track down if possible a GM3 or PM3 or GM2 Or PM2 in either Prune, Vert Olive, Raisin or Graphite in Clemence. If anybody sees one please let me know. I'm in the UK so preferably UK or Europe sightings please. The Evelyne seems to be very elusive at the moment. TIA :flowers:
  2. I'm trying my darling xxx
  3. Did you try the London shops and concessions already?
  4. EVERY store in the UK including Heathrow!!
  5. sending *positive vibes* your way....hope you'll find your perfect evelyne! will keep a look out for you :yes:
  6. Funny that, I called up Selfridges on Saturday as I was planning a vist with a friend and they had 2, cant remember if they were GM or PM but one was in Graphite and the other was white. Bond St didnt have any at all. Wish I had known that at the time :flowers:
  7. Both those were epsom....I know, I called!! LOL!

    It was Friday and Saturday that I called all the stores
  8. mooks I know you are doing all you can, you couldn't do anymore if you hopped over to Paris and made the damn bag yourself!!! :hugs: I didn't know you'd tried Heathrow too.

    JA-UK thanks sweetie, but mooks had already told me about that one and the Graphite was in Epsom, don't want Epsom. I'm just asking just in case there is a stone that mooks has left unturned (not likely though, she's been a star).

    it just seems that all the Evelynes have disappeared.

    Thanks for the good vibes maria28. I'm positive we'll find one.

    Who'd have thought an Evelyne could be so hard to track down :shrugs:
  9. The way it's going I may well be getting you one in Paris!!
  10. How many Macaroons would you like??? I will be forever indebted to you mooks I really will.
  11. 35 boxes should do it!!! LOL!
  12. You got it sister!!!
  13. :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  14. Tesco's finest not Laduree :graucho:
  15. good luck with your search! love all your color choices, especially prune and graphite.