Evelyne - Finally got one I love!

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  1. Some of you might have seen my thread a few days ago where I had ordered a potiron clemence Evelyne PM2 from the Atlanta H boutique and I was not happy with the color.

    The store was wonderful about it and found a chocolat at another store for me, had it transferred to them, and I received it today. I noticed that they didn't charge me for shipping again, which I thought was quite gracious of them. I'm glad to say that I love this one!:yahoo:

    Some of you might find the color boring as it is very dark and the strap matches the bag but I really wanted a more subtle bag. Since it is worn messenger style, it really becomes part of whatever I am wearing. And I didn't want it to overwhelm my clothing. It's a nice, rich color and I added a little twilly for fun.

    The Evelyne is a wonderful bag. I was looking specifically for a messenger style to wear when traveling and I have to attend a couple trade shows so I'll be walking the aisles for 8 hours. I need both hands free and this will work perfectly. The (very) wide strap gives a lot of support so the bag is amazingly comfortable. And it holds so much. The extra gusseted pocket really adds some nice storage. I'm also finding it more practical to wear it with the "H" to the inside (pockets to the outside) so I can get to my stuff easier.

    Since my post sounds like a review, I might as well give it 5 stars! :P
  2. :yahoo: I'm so happy for you!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    Congrats!!!! :drinkup:
  3. Woohoo! Congrats on a beautiful bag!!!
  4. KALLIE.......CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Chocolate is a gorgeous color!!!! When can we see some pics of you and Evelyn?????
  5. Isn't the Evelyne the BEST?????? I'm after a chocolate canvas/leather one...I think they're SUCH a fab bag - glad you did the swap, and I don't think chocolate is boring at all........I mean it's BRUNETTE, after all.......!!!
  6. Saw the chocolate yesterday - amoungst a couple of others. Beautiful, rich leather.
  7. ^^^Congratulations!!:yahoo: Can't wait to see pics....I LOVE MINE! in Barenia!:heart:
  8. WOW! Congratulations! :nuts: Looking forward to pics!!!:yahoo:
  9. Congrats!!! Nothing like finding something you really love!
  10. This is such wonderful news! I know how much of a conflict this can be especially when you are having to deal with the phone versus just walking into the store. It is great that you were treated graciously and Hermes like!

  11. Yeap modelling pics preferably :smile: You can always brighten up the dark look with a bright twilly scarf.
  12. Wow, I didn't even know my thread posted!! Thank you so much for your nice comments!!

    Last night I spent forever writing the post and then when I hit "send" I got an error message and the post was gone from the posting box and I couldn't get back on the site. I had realized I forgot to post a picture with it and was going to Edit once it posted... I'm so glad I don't have to re-write it!! Yea! Anyway... here is a picture!

  13. Oh, I LOVE it, Kallie!!!! Such a rich color and the twilly just POPS!!!! Fantastic!!! Wear her well and often and congratulations!!!!! She's beautiful!!!!!
  14. That is so beautiful Kallie!!! Love it and love the Twilly with it!!!! :yahoo:
  15. Very NICE!!!! It's beautiful! Congrats & enjoy!