Evelyne - Buy online or wait until trip? (Hermes St. Barths or Boston)


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Feb 25, 2019
Hi! I am planning to buy an Evelyne (my first Hermes purchase). Should I buy it online or try to buy it in store first? I live in Boston and could go to the store here, but I am also going on a trip to St. Barths and my first preference would be to make the purchase there to remember the trip (it's my honeymoon!)

Not sure what stock is like in store typically for Evelyne (especially in St. Barths, which I am guessing is a smaller store?) and it'll be so disappointing if I wait for my trip and they end up not having it in store. If they don't have it in stock, I suppose they could just order it for me and send it to my home address?

Thanks in advance!


Sep 7, 2015
Hermes is not a mass producing manufacturer, so if you ever see what you want (style, skin, colour, hardware) buy when you can.

That having been said, Evelyne is a stock style made in greater quantities than most Hermes bags, so unless you have a very specific requirement, why not wait until St Barths and see if the gods smile on you.
If you are unable to buy one there as a special memento, then you will have the other options when you are back home.

If you want to remove some of the uncertainty, why not telephone the St Barths store and ask?
Jan 15, 2011
I would buy in Boston....St. Barths can have very limited supply and you will want a choice of colors. I agree with getting a twilly, etc., as a memento. (They DO have Birkins, Kellys, etc in SB which would make a GREAT memento ;)).

The Evelyne is also SO much cheaper in Europe that if you go there at all regularly, that's where I would purchase.


Dec 3, 2018
I would get in Boston , and you will be surprised as much as the Evelyne is produced more then the birkin or Kelly . Finding the color you want is not always easy and once it’s gone it’s pretty much gone . Black , gold , etoupe , and red are standard . But also in nyc I did see the black Evelyne sell out fast and had to wait about 7 months for another .