Evelyn Vs Massai! What is a girl to do.

  1. okay I need a bag...that I can just throw on my shoulders....and just run errands, get grocieres, etc

    That is nice...looks good....but its easier to handle than my birkins, etc

    Do I do evelyn or massai!

    I know massai run about 3k right?

    how much to evelyns? they come in 2 sizes right?

    I used to not be too fond of or even think about getting an evelyn but seeing all the pics here...just turned me on to them. lovely bags!

    any action pics of either?

    advice? thoughts?
  2. The Massai PM is just under 3k.

    The Evelyne PM 2 is around 2k. I have to admit, I am not a fan of the cnvas strap with Hermes. Don't know why...(and keep in mind I have bothe an Eveylne and a Vespa)

    The Eveyne is best worn as a messenger style bag, so you should take that into consideration. There is also the Vespa..which is a little more under the radar than the Evelyne...

    Have you looked at the Trim II? It should be slightly more than the Massai and is another iconic bag.
  3. I've got one of each, both PMs, and I would have a reallly hard time picking a favorite. They are really different I think. The only pro's the Massai has over the Evelyne are the zipper closing and lining but it's also smaller then the Evelyne. I love them both but right now I'm preferring the size of the Evelyne so she gets a lot more use. I'm not much help, am I? :rolleyes:

  4. evelyn's are very light which is nice for a shoulder bag. i found the masai heavy. the trims are great to look at but i have bought and sold 3--tough to get in and out of for a shoulder bag
  5. How about a Trim?
  6. Here are some old action pics of me with my Massai, back in 2004, at least 20 lbs lighter *sigh* and darker hair, lol.

    I don't have an evelyn so I can't compare but although my clemence Massai is heavy, it hangs well from your shoulder and nestles in nicely too, the slouchy leather hugs your body a bit. The shorter strap means you can hand-carry it too. I've hardly ever used the longer 2nd strap, perhaps for messenger style. The weight of it seems to keep it in place on your shoulder. The double zip can be a bit of a pest to get into, this might be easier in an evelyn.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    massai1.jpg massai2.jpg massai3.jpg massaidec04.jpg oct04shopping.jpg
  7. wow! what a great color! is it white or some sort of stone?

    its amazing...I love it!

    I like the massai because it can dress up too I think. I love it! thanks for the pics! beautiful!

    thank you for posting!
  8. Thank you, I bought it in the sales yonks ago, didn't know what colour it was but at Hermes last month, we decided it was definitely 'gris tourtourelle' not sure if I've spelt that right.
  9. nice! I would love a massai on sale! w owza its sure amazing color! a nice stone...not white...but a great shade!
  10. I like Massais on ladies who are fairly tall (it looks amazing on allaboutnice.)

    But being a shortie, I prefer the Trim II. It's a little more versatile for me than the Evelyne.
  11. allaboutnice..that massai looks really great on you!
  12. AAN: You look fabulous. Your Massai is beautiful.
  13. the massai. i too am not a fan of the canvas strap on the evelyn and i think the massai is just prettier. love that it comes with 2 straps (even though only the short strap works for me). the evelyn wouldnt work for me as a messenger bag (too short for my long i guess torso). i love the massai. such a cool bag.
  14. I had an Evelyne and loved it. But if I was going to get another shoulder bag I think I'd go with the Massai. I think the Evelyne is such a great bag but I was always worried about the canvas strap. I was always worried I'd spill coffee on it while walking or something like that. (But it was sooo comfortable to carry!!!) So I didn't carry it as much as I should have.
    I also like the Massai because you can dress it up or down. The Evelyne is always casual (which is part of her charm!) Ugh such a tough decision...one of each! ;)
  15. Tried on a massai in rose dragee swift and it was gorgeous... so I vote for massai