Evelyn Question

  1. Hi All

    Thinking of my next H purchase...(i know so soon - told you its financially deadly around here). You just cant stop...

    Well since I cannot really place an order for a Birkin until a few months. Did not even think about this bag until I saw this picture posted on here:-


    However, I wanted it in the classic Orange..Black skinny jeans, black cashmere polo neck sweater, black 6 inch CL Pigalle heels and an Orange Evelyn draped around your body...simply stunning...

    What do you guys think about the style and its praticality and durability (classicness)? I'm really looking for quality now instead of quantity in my collection..

    Advance thanks ladies/gents...
  2. Love the evelyne! Cute, practical and very classic!!

    I had mine out for a full day shopping trip yesterday, and it was great!!
  3. Although I had mixed feelings at the beginning, I am slowly falling in love with the Evelyne -- I definitely see this bag in my future
  4. hmmm, with orange i see that outfit in grey. with black, anything would work, but one of their reds would be my choice (for me i mean. you've just got me dreaming now, lol). what leather are you thinking about?
    it sounds gorgeous the way you described and it's both practical and durable, style-wise.
  5. It's a practical bag, no doubt. At a recent gathering of friends (total 6 ladies), 3 of us had our Evelynes. 3 different sizes :graucho:, 3 different colours, 3 different leathers. It could have been 4 out of 6, if one of my friends brought her Blue Jean Epsom along!
  6. Do they still do vibrato Evelynes?
  7. I missed this one! I love the older lady with her Evelyne.

    I am actually thinking about buying my mom one for her! I know she would totally love it.

    As to vibrato, do they still make vibrato? I am not sure if I have seen one at the H boutiques recently...
  8. ^^I saw one recently in the store . It may still be there actually.
  9. ^^ If it's still there, someone better hurry, and grab it. Vibrato bags are rare these days. Don't think Paris makes them anymore!

  10. What color my dear?
  11. That will be gorgeous, chanella! I hope you find the Evelyne
    you want. :smile: It's a very nice bag.
  12. The Evelyne is wonderful! I regret selling mine so much. Hope to get one someday...in Rouge H next time! :tup:
  13. i saw one recently in my local store. orange vibrato.
  14. Chanella, from your description of how you would wear the Evelyn, I would highly recommend that you go for it! :yes: It's a chic & stylish bag, & will never go out of style, another timeless classic of Hermes IMHO. I have two and I love them!!! :heart:
  15. I pulled my evelyn out last week for a shopping trip and haven't been able to stop using her. She is soooo easy to throw over my shoulder in a hurry and go. Summer just isn't the time for me to be anything but very casual and on the go so now I'm thinking I should get an evelyn in a summery color since mine is ebene. Love it and couldn't be without it for certain situations.