Eva strap vs pallas clutch

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  1. Im wondering if anyone has the eva and the pallas clutch could do a strap comparison side by side?

    If not, can someone give me the measurament of the lenght on the eva strap from clasp to clasp? Thanks
  2. Bump
  3. I don't have the Pallas clutch but my Eva strap measures 45" or 115cms, just the leather part, not including the clasps, hth

  4. Thx u [emoji3]
  5. Hi, from the end of the clasp to the other it's ~122cm or 48".

  6. Thx.. I read that apparently the eva strap is the longest strap vs favorite one ... I have the pallas clutch and the strap is a shame... I dont know
    why cant they make the same lenght for those crossbodies [emoji36]
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