Eva Longoria: Pretty In Pink

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  2. Love that whole ensemble....put together, casual, chic & fresh looking!!
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    More of Eva coming home from a major grocery shop. :yes:
  4. She sure is pretty.
    She looks nice in the first one and she does not look like she has any make up on! Those glasses are fab arent they for those hide away days. Its a shame we mere mortals would look rediculous if we used them on the school run to hide the no make up look! ;)
  5. That is a beautiful pink
  6. She is soo pretty!! The pink dress is so cute!
  7. I love her first outfit. She looks so pretty and feminine!
  8. Those shoes (w/ the pink dress) are gorgeous!!:love:
  9. shes's so naturally beautiful and her fashion sense is delish.
  10. She looks so perfect all the time!
  11. Love the 1st outfit! Very pretty!
  12. She looks gorgeous no matter what she wears. The pink dress is very pretty.
  13. Very pretty..fresh face without too much make up..
  14. hmm pink :love:
  15. I love her style...Always well put together & not afraid to wear color on the red carpets. Does anyone know who the dress is made by? I'm always afraid to wear dresses like that b/c it feels like I'm too dressed up for no reason.