Eva Longoria - Name that bag

  1. Anyone know the name of this black bag that Eva Longoria is carrying?
  2. could this be some kind of Isabella Fiore? the tassels & weaving down the front look very familiar, but I can't remember from where.
  3. I think its too conservative to be an isabella fiore...
    but the weaving does look similar...

    crap i have seen it before and i can't put the name to my tongue.. ok.. well to my fingers... haha

  4. yea - the more I looked at it, the less I thought IF. But I know I've seen those tassels before, and I love the weaving and the o-rings (you can't see it in that pic, but the rings that attach to the straps are also woven like the front of the bag - it's gorgeous!)

    PLEASE someone tell me who makes this bag (and PLEASE don't say it's a $1000+ bag!!!)
  5. Its lockheart and Nordstroms has tons.. good luck.. its under 1000 dollars too:smile:
  6. Lockheart, really? Thanks!!! saw a couple of these at Nordstroms on the clearance table - I actually almost bought one!. Do you happen to know if it's an older bag or newer style?
  7. I like her bag and her bangles