Eva Damier where is she?


Aug 18, 2008
OK, is anyone else disturbed and confused by this LV shortage? I find it hard to believe that a luxury brand like LV did not do a better job of forecasting sales for the 2010 holiday season. Really..... I have been trying to buy the Eva in Damier for the past couple of months. Now, I'm afraid they are scrambling around at the LV factories and they might be making inferior quality products just to get the goods out there. Does anyone else feel this way?? Thanks for listening!:confused1:
Jun 5, 2010
Cincinnati, Ohio
There have been several threads on the issue or do a search on LV bag shortage. Some of the stores have been getting some more bags in and the LV Website is starting to have more availability. I'm hoping the quality is still good, and of course my SA insists that it is. As for the Eva, I know other PFers who have reporting being successful in finally getting this bag from the LV website, (there was a thread that spoke of LV restocking) so you have to just check it each day, almost like stalking, best time in the morning. Hope that helps!