Eva clutch and new pochette side by side.

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  1. image-3194715873.jpg
    image-749116859.jpg image-3918960488.jpg
  2. These are great comparison pics! I sold my Eva and bought the new Pochette and didn't have both at the same time to make a comparison.

    I personally feel the pochette can hold the same amount and zip up without losing it's shape, unlike Eva. The Eva zipper always wonked out on me.
  3. Thanks for the pictures. Eva still have the "wow" factor due to the plate :smile:
  4. sorry for my noob pictures ,took it from iphone didnt know that its not turn for me -_-
  5. Eva ! I own one and I baby it.. It's so stylish :smile:
  6. in my opinion they hold stuff exactly the same amount just the pochette is more casual.
  7. Thank you for sharing!
  8. Thank you for sharing these pictures, I've been thinking about buying either Eva or the new Pochette, and these pics were great! :smile:
  9. thanks, great comparison photos!
    which one do you like better?
  10. Thank you for sharing.
  11. I have both and both are great for different reasons. For me, Eva is a little too dressy for everyday grocery store runs and kids school drop offs. I also don't want to have to worry about the gold plate all the time. It also can be hard to stuff things in and can zip wonky if I don't arrange everything in it properly. Its perfect for travel, hands free sightseeing and social events. The new pochette is really a great casual everyday bag for essentials. I definitely think it holds a little more than Eva as it is taller and I don't need to arrange things inside for it to zip properly. I love them both- was not sure whether or not to get the new pochette but am so glad I did now!

    zip properly.
  12. Oops sorry for the zip properly typo. It's hard on the iPhone!
  13. Thanks for the comparison! Great pics. =)
  14. Thanks for the comparison .. Can u
    Please do me a big favor .. Can u
    please put the Eva strap on your
    Pochette ? I'm planning to get the
    Pochette next week and I have the
    Eva de .. I want to see if it works
    perfectly :biggrin: thanks a lot and hopefully
    we can be Eva and Pochette twins soon :P
  15. hi again everyone
    im glad that you guys find my pics are useful
    here some more pics comparison eva and pochette strips, nearly the same size
    eva s strip still thicker and wider but just a mm.

    image-3595378556.jpg image-1688225205.jpg