Europe shops?

  1. I'm going to Europe (France, Italy, Switzerland) in Sep. Does anyone know if Fendi (or other designer bags) are cheaper in France/Italy? I know that Louis Vuitton is cheaper bc their prices incl VAT and you get that back.

    Anything like that for Fendi or other designers? Anyone know what the max spending amount is before you get slapped with a fee?

    Any good outlets?

    Thanks guys! :flowers:
  2. umm i was in paris for a week in june and got a fendi magic bag zucca from the fendi boutique inside galleries lafayyete-
    later i went to the fendi boutique i belive its off champ elysees on a road called avenue montaigne if i rem correctly - about the refund it is i think 15 percent - cause its lower than wht u get in uk - uk its 17.5 percent ...

    also if u get it in cash they take 10 percent of ur refund or u can get it on card- however im still waiting for my refunds :sad:
    and yes u have to spend a minimum but i think its around 175 euros or something like tht -

    hope this helps - i cant ebelive how i have forgotten so many things lol -

    btw the people in the shops are very very sweet and the avenue montaigne is wehre there are all deisgner shops from roberto chanel dior fendi to jimmy choo etc...
    amazing place!! i hope u enjoy!! :biggrin:
  3. Thanks!

    Is the cap the same for all EU countries? I know it's $800 in France before you get charged with import taxes.
  4. hmm im not sure - sorry :sad: