Estee Lauder NEW pure color BLUSH?

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  1. I was excited to see these new blushes from Estee Lauder. I've always thought of them as "grandma makeup" since it was my Grandmother's favorite - but these blushes were so so beautiful I was surprised. The whole line was redone by Tom Pecheux. I've seen some reviews on blogs recently too. "Wild Sunset" seems to the be standout star.

    Has anyone tried yet?


    wild sunset:




    more colors:

    some blog reviews I've found so far:
  2. I haven't tried them, but the colors look beautiful!
  3. They look gorgeous. I wouldn't mind owning a few. Estee Lauder makes great makeup.
  4. The texture is the best I've found since Shu Uemura blushes. Very finely milled - makes my Nars blushes feel like sand.
  5. Wild Sunset is AMAZING! I hope people will try it. It really does make your face GLOW! I know E.L. isn't the most trendy brand - but it's really worth your time to check these new blushes out ladies.
  6. Has anyone else tried them yet?
  7. bump
  8. I have Brazen Bronze and I love it. Great color payoff and you definitely get A LOT of blush for the price too.
  9. These blushes look gorgeous! Looks like they will give Nars a run for their money. Does anyone know what blushes are matte and what's the retail price?
  10. These blushes are gorgeous, finely milled and not supershimmery. Great for all skintones. EL is so underrated, their lipsticks are my fave! So much gorgeous shades, I always go back to them.
  11. They're $28.00 for a HUGE pan of color. They have two finishes: "satin" and "shimmer". Both are just beautiful.
  12. Just got a couple of gift sets... Very pretty colors.
  13. Anyone find it difficult to open the pans?
  14. Their new limited edition gelee was just released - looks amazing!
  15. I might shell out for one of those gelee blushes. I only hear positive comments on them.