error thinking again+scarf photo

  1. :sweatdrop: error thinking.. shop again
  2. huh? did i miss something?
  3. :confused1:
  4. :confused1:
  5. :shrugs:
  6. :p i come with photo soon...
  7. :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
  8. Today SA call me for Heart coin vernis.. I hurry go to shop.. only one come in.
    It is so cute...

    Error thinking.. I brought Minilin speedy ... I already have Minilin bucket .. but i like them...:wtf::sweatdrop:

    also took scarf photo !!

    Shawl & Scarf pic
    DSC08496_resize.JPG DSC08497_resize.JPG DSC08498_resize.JPG DSC08504_resize.JPG
  9. :smile: Minilin speedy with Heart Vernis..

    also get free Icon book...:roflmfao:
    DSC08505_resize.JPG DSC08507_resize.JPG DSC08508_resize.jpg DSC08511_resize.jpg DSC08517_resize.jpg
  10. lovely scarves! :smile:
  11. :roflmfao: Display - Sneakers - Belt
    DSC08499_resize.JPG DSC08500_resize.JPG DSC08501_resize.JPG DSC08502_resize.JPG DSC08503_resize.JPG
  12. Ohhh Congrats loving the Heart purse. Are those your scaves or from the store?
  13. Thanks for the photos! I love the red scarf with the pointed flowers.
  14. Very nice! Do you think a tube of chapstick would fit in that heart? I'm still trying to decide if it'll be useful.
  15. Wow! Beautiful heart coin purse and scarves! Thank you for sharing pictures!!!