Ergo scarf print wristlet with.........

  1. i LOVE that wristlet. i am really wanting it! i'd love to get the matching hobo too!
    i have the legacy wristlet in pond and it is so beautiful. i think the scarf wristlet would look lovely with a pond bag!
  2. love that wristlet.. and i think it would go great with pond...
  3. I think it would look great with anything in Pond!
  4. Oh yes, it would look fabulous with the pond Legacy.
  5. Very, very cute and I agree with all. Probably looks great with pond.
  6. I have the bag--Ergo Scarf Print. It is lovely and so is your beautiful wristlet. I want that one too!
  7. Definitely matches that pond color.
  8. also would look GREAT with a white legacy ;)