Ergo Large Hobo White Leather?

  1. Does anyone know if this bag comes in white leather? It is not on the website...but I thought I saw it in the store..any opinions on that vs the black patent one?? Thanks!!
  2. This bag does come in white. If you want one ask for it in the store or see if they can order it for you. Sometimes there are some available even though they are not showing it on the website. The patent comes in white, black, red and mahogany. They are all gorgeous and only come in the large. Oh btw, the patent is also available in the tote. (regular size) I think the patent is gorgeous and if you want a white bag I think it will be easier to care for than the regular white leather. The SA's told me to just white it clean with a damp cloth. Coach's patent has a slight crush to it so it is very fluid and takes on a beautiful slouch. I guess I am rambling-I REALLY love this bag. There are pics of EVERY Ergo on this site-do a search, look around and have some fun!:yes:
  3. Yep another vote for the patent. I have the black and it is AMAZING!
  4. I vote for the Patent Ergo Hobo in any color. It can be wiped clean and if you get caught in the rain (It rains all the time in NYC) it just wipes clean and leaves no water spots at all. You can always get an regular leather bag but Coach does not do Patent leather often and it is such a classy bag. Someone told me that my bag was fly and I responded "Gee Thanks".