ERGH! Never thought I was a clutch kind-a-gal...

  1. ...but I CAN'T stop thinking about having a Jige!!! :sweatdrop: I have never owned a clutch, never, ever. And never thought I'd want one...I carry WAY too much stuff and I never go anywhere that requires a clutch-type bag. They aren't practical for me, right?! :rolleyes:

    Here's how it started....

    Self the other day: "What should I wear for Xmas day?" :confused1:

    Self-back: "Hmmmm, that lovely cashmere sweater set in gray with my new Olga worn as a necklace would be quite cool. And black, cuffed, very wide swing pants and my black wing-tip boots (3+ inches)...that should be a cool feminine/masculine look. Nice!" :tup:

    Self at 3AM this morning: "A JIGE would look stunning!! A POP of color! You NEED a clutch! MUST get a clutch!! Anything else would be too much!! Get a clutch!!" :wtf:

    Where in the world did that come from?!?! At 3am????? Holy moly!! I can only blame tPF for my new obsession! :p

    So...of course at 8am I did an eBay search and found a Jige clutch. And the seller must be a tPFer because the Jige "just came back from a spa treatment!" (I have never heard that used elsewhere...)

    Not sure I want a black Jige, but it is lovely. And I am trying to save up for my Birkin....and really don't want to spend on something else right now...but....A Jige would be soooo nice....
    What's a gal to do?! :girlsigh:
  2. You'll never hear me stand in the way of a blossoming clutch addiction.

    Make sure it's authentic, and GO FOR IT! I loooooove clutches :love: I love the way they look demure and small, feel soft and substantial in your hand, and smell... for moments when you can sneak a sniff!

    Make sure your nails are filed nicely with a clear polish, or kept sweet and short with bright red polish, because people will notice them all night long. And love keeping her in your lap. Softly by your side. And then have a wonderful Holiday with your new friend Ms Jige! :girlsigh:
  3. I want a Jige so bad, hahahaha I feel exactly the same as you! I carry too much stuff during daytime and when I use my little wristlets and clutches, I wonder if I'm going to need the stuff I left at home. But I can't stop thinking about Jiges rose shocking. It haunts me! HAHA!!!!!!

    OK OK just get one and be happy, and leave a spare bag in the car with everything else you 'need' that doesn't fit! LOL
  4. Well as a gal with two clutches I'll never stand in your way either! LOL!!!! Used one of mine just the other night and loved it!
  5. LOL...welcome to my OCD sort-of-clutch-obsessed world...
  6. You just made me want to go out and get a Jige!!!!! (no way! bag ban!!!!). I love seeing a clutch in a daytime world full of big bags. So in control of everything. Sounds like a fantastic outfit!!!:yes:
  7. I absolutely love the jige. Androgynous and chic, understated and beautiful. GET IT! :love:
  8. I Would Definitely Get It....A Gorgeous Clutch Is A "Must Have" For Many Wardrobes:yes:
  9. :lol: That's like something I would do but only I'd get caught.:sweatdrop::shame:
  10. If this is that black clutch with the contrast stitching, I love it! I def. can see that fitting in with your preppy cowgirl style. That saddle stitching does it for you and a black clutch is always a "must have!" Would look great with your KO!

    Just wanted to also add that as the owner of a rouge H box and a gold courchevel Jige, these are great go-to bags when all else fails and you want to make your clothes the star. I would jump on that bag if it were not for the newy acquired Kelly elongue in black swift!
  11. pcg, the Jige is great!! You should definitely get one. :smile:
  12. You NEED ONE!!! :tup: OMG since I got my Jige I've carried it so much. The PM size can fit a lot more than you think. I can fit my full size Goyard checkbook wallet. lipgloss, LV Cles with keys in it, cell phone... Mine's black evergrain with the contrast stitching and goes great from day into evening. I LOVE this bag!!!:woohoo:
  13. Great advice from Angelfish.
    Good luck & show us if you get it.
  14. Wow!! That's one gorgeous Jige Crochetbella!! Thanks for sharing a pic. ;)

    That's a ton o' stuff you fit in there...does it look all bulky?! :graucho: