Epi Vanilla color

  1. Im thinking of getting an epi vanilla speedy. Does the vanilla color get dirty easily??
  2. Ooh I haven't seen the Vanilla Speedy. Got a pic?
  3. I saw it in a consignment shop! Its so pretty! If I do get it, I'll post for you!
  4. Thank you! :biggrin: A Vanilla Speedy sounds divine :love:
  5. Vanilla Epi is such a gorgeous color! I think it's quite resilient too!
  6. They have a few Epi vanilla items on ebay- a lot of wallets and a few discontinued bag styles.
    epi vanilla.jpg vanilla pti.jpg
  7. I have a vanilla speedy and have had no problems with dirt showing so far.
  8. Ooh, do you mind posting a pic for us :biggrin:
  9. Here it is with a couple of black epi pieces.
  10. wow! thats a really nice colour!!!! yeah i'd buy it!!!
  11. Sight for sore eyes! :heart:3
  12. Sofibella ~ Love Your Epi's! The Vanilla Speedy Is Gorgeous!
  13. Oooooh. pretty.
  14. Wow. Your vanilla epi speedy is sooo pretty!! How do you keep it so clean?? How long have you had this beauty?

  15. Sofibella - I'm in :love: :love: with your demi lune! They discontinued it when I finally broke down to get it @ the boutique :cry: I ended up with the pochette. How's storage compared to the pochette?