Epi St. Jacques modeling photos, please!

  1. I am very interested in seeing your photos wearing the Epi St. Jacques, either short handles or long -- or preferably both! Thanks in advance!!
  2. I don't own this one anymore, but here is a picture of me with the St. Jacques long handles. This is the smaller of the two St. Jacques sizes.
    st jacques.JPG
  3. Thanks so much for posting that, Sue. I really appreciate it! How tall are you, if I may ask? Did you find that the straps are a bit long? That is one thing I am concerned about. Thanks!
  4. I am 5'7". I thought the straps were perfect for a shoulder bag, and I loved how the bag sat nice and snug against my side (not bulky). BUT I found the interior to be very small - I guess because it narrows down so much at the bottom. It did not hold as much as my other bags, so I sold it.

    I suppose I could try the larger size. I really love the look and how it feels when I carry it....