EPI Speedy 30 - which colour?

  1. Hiya all!

    I have a friend going to Paris and I'm getting him to buy a bag for me (think it's a bit cheaper in Paris), I currently have an Epi St-Jacques in black which I use for work an an elastic wallet in Moka. Am looking for a weekend bag and I love big bags so I have decided on the Epi Speedy 30.

    Have not been to the shop to look yet but based on the LV website I like the Epi red and cannelle (new this season?). Any suggestions? I go for the classic look so thought Cannelle may be more suitable, but have been tempted by all the ravings on the Epi red by the posters here!

    Any ideas or suggestions welcome!
  2. since you already have a bag in a neutral color, go for the red!! I LOVE THE RED! it's such a bright, beautiful shade. :love:
  3. RED.... I think it's very sexy!!!

    I am hoping to get mine sometime this week ..yaayyy
  4. I also vote for red.
  5. RED
  6. I vote red too! I love the red epi line!
  7. Red here too!
  8. Red
  9. Another vote for RED!

    I also like a lot of the other epi colors, but I am not a fan of cannelle.
  10. red also, but i really like the moka epi
  11. Red!! If such a great color. Blue would be a good choice thought to. It looks great with jeans. I'm not a fan of the Cannelle.
  12. Not Cannelle for sure. I saw it in person and think it is the worst Epi color ever.
  13. I'm really not liking the cannelle, and I like neutral colors. I think you should go with the red. You'd be surprised at how much it goes with. Plus, it's just so eye-catching.
  14. Mandarin! Before they phase it out...
  15. I agree with everyone else, red is stunning!