Epi red is discontinued? Is this true????

  1. :wtf: Please tell me it's not. I love epi red and would love some pieces of it before they're all gone.....
  2. I believe the red with the gold hardware known as the "old red" is discontinued, but the red with the palladium (silver) hardware known as the "new red" is still available.
  3. Phewww.. thank you. :sweatdrop: I like it with the palladium hardware anyway... I'll double check with the store sometime later. Just in case....
  4. You're welcome :smile:
  5. Slightly OT, but is there any real difference with the old epi with the gold hardware vs the ones with new palladium hardware besides the hardware?
  6. Not really, I haven't noticed much difference. They just came out with a couple of new styles in addition to the current Epi styles, that's all.
  7. This post made me get giddy since I just got a red epi pochette- thought I got to own a discontinued item!