Epi Pochette as "Little Black Bag"?

May 22, 2007
Hi all!

I've been away from the forum for months and months, busy with school.
But I'm trying to make a decision and am seeking sage advice from the wise ladies and gentlemen of this forum.

I am leaving for Vegas on Sunday. I'm a strong believer in making a big purchase on trips and I can't imagine leaving Vegas without buying something at LV. I bought a mono Eva in Feburary so my budget is a little tight since it's only July- I'd like to stay under $500. I'm a student so spending more than $1000 on LV in 7 months is more than enough.

That said, I really need a black purse. It would be used strictly as an evening bag because I hardly ever wear black during the day. The obvious choice is the Epi Pochette- it fits my budget, I own nothing in Epi so it'll add diversity to my small collection, and I love that it now has silver hardware. I have a mono pochette and have always loved it for its versatility. However, I've tried to do my due dilligence and research the Pochette on the forum. This is where I've found, not surprisingly, conflicting opinions.

These are the questions I am now asking myself and would love to hear some opinions on:

(1) How big is it? How much can I fit in it?

The dimensions of the Epi Pochette indicate it's larger than the canvas pochette but posts I've read on the forum suggest the stiffness of the leather actually prohibit it from holding as much as a canvas pochette. True? For me, it would need to fit my Blackberry, keys, lipgloss, compact and IDs. My canvas pochette does this with ease.

(2) How long is the wrist strap?

Can anyone put it on their shoulder? The canvas pochette strap I have no problems with. Is the Epi strap shorter?

(3) Is there an alternative I'm not considering?

Like I said, I've been away from LV for 4 months and I'm having trouble thinking about something from a permenant line I've overlooking or something new. Suggestions are welcome. One thing I will say is that my sister has an Epi Montaigne clutch in black and I know that's going to be an alternative some of you may suggest. While I absolutely love the Montaigne, it is much too large for me. I'm 5'2" on a good day and would prefer something smaller for night that the way the Montaigne looks on me.


I know this is long so if you've made it this far, thank you so much. All comments, advice and suggestions are welcome and much appreciated :smile:


Jun 15, 2009
Thanks for your question.
I've been thinking about getting an epi pochette as well, in black and possibly another color (yellow is a strong candidate because I love the purple lining).

I have the same concerns as you in terms of size. I love my damier pochette and use it as my daily bag (I work from home, and live in a small city where everything is always 15 minutes away LOL). So I'll be watching this thread closely!


Oct 4, 2009
Hey ladies,

So I have an epi pochette in black. I really like this bag for its discrete appeal and love its structured shape. I like that is appears larger then the regular pochettes and don't feel as awkward carrying around a tiny bag. The strap is about the same I believe, I use an extender for both my pochettes (I am 5'2 110lbs but have muscular arms). I really think you should be able to fit everything you stated above in your bag. I just question the blackberry maybe, I have the iphone which is really thin. You should bring exactly what you want to put in it with you to the store and put them in. See if you can fit everything comfortably. I don't know of another black pochette that size honestly...good luck with your decision.
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Aug 17, 2007
I love my epi pochette as a little black bag.. ;)
I can fit my LV coin purse, Iphone, gum and other small things.. You can not stuff it as its quiet stiff, so the things have to be put in place to fit..

I can fit it over my shoulder without extender..
Apr 13, 2007
I can fit my BlackBerry, Cles, keys and two lip glosses pretty comfortably. No "janitor keys" though. I only keep my car fob and house key in the pochette. Once in a while I'll have to carry my work BB too; it's a tight squeeze but it fits with everything else. Gotta play Jenga sometimes. ;)


Apr 21, 2009
I love my black epi pochette and use it as my evening bag. It fits my blackberry, a lipstick, packet of tissue and a small wallet. It fits under my arm very comfortably. I believe it is slightly bigger than the mono pochette.


Sep 19, 2006
I own an Epi Pochette in red, a Mono Pochette and a White Multicolor Pochette, which is the same size as the Mono. Here are the answers to your questions:

1) Becuase the Epi Pochette is not as wide, overall, it is about 5% smaller than the Mono Pochette. It would fit all the items which you would normally fit into a Mono Pochette.

2) The straps are about the same, I think the Epi is a tiny bit longer.

3) Go for the Epi since you don't own an Epi yet. A black Epi Pochette is very versatile. I have used my red one from jeans and running shoes, to heels and an evening dress.


Jul 21, 2009
Have you considered an epi montaigne clutch instead? The strap is removeable so it can be carried either over your shoulder or as a clutch (and I believe the strap can also be extended, I have it but I've never adjusted it so maybe it's just for show lol). It is more expensive than the pouchette but the quality and design of the bag is far superior IMO. Personally, I don't like the idea of using pouchettes as purses (I don't think anything of it if someone else does it, it just isn't my style, sorry!). :shame:


Nov 6, 2006
Hi all!

(1) How big is it? How much can I fit in it?

It firs less than a regular pochette because of the stiffness. I always carry a cles, a ludlow, my cell and some small things like lipbalms.

(2) How long is the wrist strap?

It's the same length.

(3) Is there an alternative I'm not considering?

I think you make a good choice. Maybe a black MC pochette or an eva?

I've added some pics of my pochette. And I've added what fits in my regular pochette. It's the same for my epi pochette because I don't stuff it.


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