epi montaigne or amarante roxbury+++ HELP

  1. i can't decide if i should buy the black epi montaigne or the amarante roxbury drive. this is my first designer clutch purchase; I'm looking for a trendy evening bag that can resist minor perils in a college town.

    you see, i used to take my LV handbags out to the bar, UNTIL some jealous stranger decided to mark up the bottom of my petit noe with a black permanent marker while i was wearing it! they must have done it as they were walking by.

    now i'm paranoid to take any large LVs out in the evening, which is why i'm looking for something that i can keep better tabs on (like a clutch).

    so which one should i buy? please fill me in on the postive and the negative reasons regarding either bag. thanks everyone!!!
  2. I have both! I vote for the Epi Montaigne Pochette! You can wear it as a clutch or as a shoulder bag and it's very roomy. I don't like the bottoms on the Roxbury to open the bag. And the Epi isn't that sensible like the vernis, especially the Amarante. Go for the Epi Montaigne in black - it's such a great little bag.
  3. ever since my best girlfriend said "don't you think the epi montaigne looks like a glasses case?" i started leaning towards the roxbury, but that darn vachetta stains so easily.
  4. i don't have one but I like the Roxbury Drive. I think it looks gorgeous as a clutch. I guess i really love the amarante color :smile:
  5. i have the montainge clutch but in ivorie. I love it!
  6. I'd say the montaigne clutch in black. It's easy to wipe clean. I'd think that someone with sharp nails could scratch either one, so be careful.
  7. I vote for the montaigne clutch in black. I love the amarante, and I almost bought the Roxbury Drive, but I must confess the fingerprints drove me crazy. I was continually wiping it in the store :confused1:
  8. Epi Montaigne Clutch. It's such a great bag. It's one of the roomier clutches by LV so you can fit a bit in there and the Epi is understated so you won't have some annoying jealous person try to mess it up as much. It's also low maintenance. I think you'll really like her. If you're thinking about another black clutch, how about the Suhali Le Precieux? A bit smaller than the Epi Montaigne, but still larger than the regular pochette clutch and it's black leather.
  9. I love the Montigne clutch better.
    but if you want something dressier, get the roxbury
  10. i really want a clutch in the amarante. how does the roxbury stay closed? are there snaps?

    i'm surprised that most are suggesting the epi, i thought for sure it would be the roxbury to win the popular vote.
  11. Hi - I just got the Amarante Roxbury with Grelots charm - I'm planning to use it for a couple of holiday parties. It does have 4 snaps to close it, I havent used it yet but i tested the snaps and they're easy to manage. I have the Epi Montaigne Sac - the bigger purse and I love that. I wanted the black epi clutch but couldn't get one. I think the Roxbury holds more than the Epi clutch, though. I hope this helps you... oh, and sorry to hear someone vandalized your Noe - that is awful!! WTH!
  12. As much as I love the amarante color, the fingerprints and smudges drives me nuts. I like the roxbury but prefer it in the pomme ~ gorgeous an simply tdf! For going out ~ partying and crowded bars ~ I suggest the epi montaigne in black. Very classy looking yet not too flashy!
  13. i think i'm going to go w/ the epi [even though i'm still head over heals for the amarante]

    oh no! the black montaigne is sold out on both elux and LV!!! i hope they get a new shipment before christmas.
  14. Good luck! That's a good choice! I'm afraid that the snaps/bottoms of the Roxbury doesn't hold if the bag is used very often. I don't know, because I have weared mine only 2 times! But that's the only thing I don't like at the Roxbury - these snaps!!:push: I have sold my Roxy.....