Epi-love it or hate it?


Epi leather-love it or hate it?

  1. Love it!

  2. Hate it!

  3. Eh

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  1. My stepdaughter and I have this discussion all the time. I love epi leather and thinks it just looks fantastic! She cannot stand it due to the lines going through it (which, BTW, why does it do that?).

    Just wondering how others felt.
  2. I love it especially in Vanilla and Mandarin! The lines have to do with the name Epi..I forget what it means but I know it alludes to that unique texture.
  3. I like the Epi leather because it is unique and quite durable.
  4. I really like the mandarin followed by the red. But I think it is one of my least favorite line of all LV.
  5. I love it.
  6. Love it!
  7. I chose "eh" since I prefer it over other styles.. like the grafitti or cerises, but I dont like it as much as Vernis or Monogram Azur/Classic Mono
  8. LOL I don't think anyone here hates it!
  9. Love it - especially the fact is it so understated!
  10. I LOVE the texture and I think it's probably the nicest discreet leather LV has.
  11. i think Epi line is very elegant, great for pp who don't want the flashy mono/mc print.
  12. Epi is awesome.. love it-love it...:heart:
  13. ITA:heart: Vanilla
  14. I own 2 epi bags and I love using them. I find they're very low maintenance and the texture gives them character. I always get compliments on my epi's and most people don't know they're lv's.
  15. LOVE it!!! What's not to love?!:graucho: