epi lockit with strap possible ???

  1. I really want a black epi lockit but I'm not a hand held purse person. Could a strap work? Do they sell separate epi strap? I am also considering montaigne sac but I simply prefer the shape of lockit.

    I wish epi had more shoulder bag selection. I just don't need the size of passy gm nor segur mm.

    Any insight?
  2. I personally don't think the lockit would look good with a strap. There is a new EPI Tote coming out in October, and it's meant to be carried on the shoulder. I think it's coming out in 2 sizes.
  3. The epi strap is available....I am one who doesn't usually mind straps on hand helds....speedys or riveria...after all LV itself has started incorporating them together (cabas raye, rita, stephen, etc), but I think the shape of the lockit will not look that good with the a strap.....but try it, it might be fine...see what you think, that's what is important.
  4. What is the new epi tote called? Early October?
  5. epi lockit is simply gorgeous!!! I can't imagine what it will look like with a strap but why not?
  6. Hmm, I haven't seen a name for the new Epi totes coming out....simply TOTE.
  7. My Mom attaches a strap to everything! Even her grey patchwork denim speedy! I am sure you can attach one to this bag too!
  8. hmmm...I wonder. We'll see when it comes out!
  9. I was thinking that too!!!
    Can anyone pose with an epi lockit with the across the body strap pleaseeee?? :smile: Just to see what it looks like!
  10. tophe- I was worried when I got my Speedy about holding it in my arms and also asked around about a strap but since taking it out alot I've become much more comfortable with handhelds and actually prefer them over shoulderbags now. You never know, you may become comfortable with it in the end :smile: