Epi leather, silver hardware?

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  1. I was in LV the other day and the SA mentioned to me that the golden hardware will all become silver soon. Has anyone else heard/can confirm this?

    To tell the truth, I'm a bit upset. I think golden hardware looks so much more "authenic" and luxe looking than silver would. I know that the blue epi bags right now have silver hardware, which I don't like as much as the gold on other colors.

    What are everyone's opinions?
  2. yup i noticed on eluxury the harware is now silver. so it's already started. i think depending on the bag color, silver might look better than gold.
  3. I agree. I think blue and black look good with silver, but I like the red and mandarin with gold hardware.
  4. I saw some red Epi speedys with silver hardware on Elux a few days ago (no pics) but it said "red w/silver". I agree some colors look better with gold.
  5. eeks! i thought they would have both silver and gold rather than phasing out the gold hardware! I would really like to get the epi accessoires in red with gold hardware! looks like i have to act soon
  6. hmmi agree..red and mandarin look best with gold. i wonder why they are phasing gold out?
  7. i agree
  8. I've been having problems with my gold hardware turning to a rusty/silvery color. Maybe with the color chance, it will save them
    from complaints. I would vote for the silver so I don't have to worry about the color change.
  9. I heard that the Epi will be phasing out the gold hardware and move onto the silver hardware along with a "softer" leather that's not as stiff.
  10. I think it really depends on the bag.
  11. I'm not a fan of gold tone hardware. I usually won't consider a bag with gold tone hardware these days. I did just get a Gucci for Valentine's Day but it is like a brushed gold. Not real yellow. I much rather have silver hardware on everything. I don't even wear any yellow gold jewelry anymore. I only wear platinum or white gold.
  12. Sob sob, i called up LV today and asked if they still have the red epi with gold hardware and they told me they don't do the gold hardware anymore! I can't believe it! I'm feeling so sad right now! really wanted a red with gold hardware!

  13. Does anyone know when the soft leather was phased in? Does it apply to the recent speedy 25's?
  14. Was the gold hardware actually plated in real gold like Chanel's?
  15. Well that explains why elux only had the mandarin color left in the epi pochette...I usually am not a fan of gold hardware but I did like the gold with the red...buuut, I wear silver and white gold so much more that it actually works in my favor. ( dunno about everyone..I don't like to wear gold hardware with silver jewelry)