Epi Ivorie Jasmin & Manhattan PM OR Olympe Cirrus?


Please help me choose!!!!

  1. Epi Jasmin Ivorie & Manhattan PM

  2. Monogram Olympe Cirrus

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Right now, I can only afford Epi Jasmin Ivorie & Manhattan PM OR just one Olympe Cloud Cirrus. I really can't decide! All inputs will be much appreciated!! TIA
  2. ok, I am seriously debating the Manhattan PM, so i say Manhattan PM and Jasmin (soo pretty). Plus teh Manhattan can be used as an everyday bag!
    Personally I just have not fallen in LVoe with the olympe line xx
  3. I would get the Jasmin and the Manhattan. Both are gorgeous.

    Sorry but i'm not feeling this cloud bags.
  4. Epi Jasmin Ivorie & Manhattan PM :biggrin:
  5. Maybe it's just me, but I'd go for one really special thing I really like--whether or not others like it--than go for two pretty satisfactory things. So, it's the Olympe Cirrus if I were you.
  6. while i like the olympe bags i would rather get 2 bags than one. hehe. good luck- what a nice dilemma to have.
  7. I don't care for the Cirrus - so the Epi and the Manhattan - gorgeous bags!
  8. Cirrus... So LV and feminine.:flowers:
  9. I would go for the Cirrus as it is LE BUT it depends what you will use more?? THEN it would be based on fuction so the vote would change to Jasmin and Manhattan pm;)
  10. cirrus for me :smile:
  11. Wow..tough decision as I LOVE all 3!!! :p If a choice must be made then I'd go for the Gorgeous Cirrus as it is a LE piece. :yes:
  12. Epi And Manhattan. Two Is Better Than One
  13. Jasmin and Manhattan.. 1st of all, I looooooooooove the Jasmin. Plus I don't care for the Olympe stuff :shrugs:
  14. i'll definitely grab the manhattan nd jasmin
  15. I love the jasmin, so I'd go with the two pieces.