epi ivorie ... has any1 got a call today yet?

  1. I'm on the waiting list for Epi Ivorie Montaigne PM and anxiously waiting :wondering:whistle: for their call. Did anyone get a call for any of the ivorie pieces yet?
  2. nope! may go over to the store tomorrow and see what they have.
  3. I am so positive that I would ruin this beautiful color so none for me..but I hope everyone else gets what they want!!!
  4. I actually got the call a few days ago!?! Anyhoo, yes I am getting the petit noe. I am just having them ship it to me. Too lazy to make it to the store as I planned today.
  5. I want to have Handbag Montaigne .. my SA said it will be around late March/April.

  6. No call yet :sad:
  7. Hi Guys!

    Yes...actually...I saw couple of Ivorie bags on Tuesday....and got a call from my SA's today they're available for pick up....I already reserved Montaigne and Speedy 25.....they're gorgeous! :yahoo:
  8. Congrats ....

    but :hysteric:where's mine????
  9. I think some stores have partial shipment....my local store only got 1 in each style....
    hope u'll get urs soonn :smile:
  10. i want one so bad. waiting list is so long I did not even bother putting my name on it. dang i should have put name on...

  11. Hello....

    which piece do u want? Montaigne?
  12. I can't wait to see a pic of this! I'm sure it's tdf! :love:
  13. I just want to whine again.. it's 4PM on March 2nd and I still haven't got a call from LV.. :sad:
  14. does anyone know if the ivorie color will be permanent or limited?
  15. Went to LV Waikiki today and they were all out. I am not a white bag girl but they were beautiful! So tempting.