Envelope Bag Owners!

Jan 23, 2013
How are you using your bag? Do you find it to work well everyday? I’m especially wondering about feedback on the small and medium sizes. Does it sit in your closet and only come out for special occasions?
I bought the black on black, medium, in February 2017. I believe I've spoken about it on TPF before, but it has held up very well.
(This was when the price was around $2210 including tax)

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This is my errand go-to bag, so I use it quite a lot. It is probably one of the oldest and most used bags in my collection and I usually carry it crossbody.
I do not baby my bags. I carry them in the rain, put them on the ground. I've scraped them against doors and doorways. (especially this one tbh, it has gone through thick and thin and come through)

I think at the 5 year point it barely started to have chipping on the YSL logo hardware, and that's just at the corners and it is barely noticeable. I've never had issues with chipping for the chain or the rest of the hardware.
There is corner wear and tear but it is minimal.
The way the leather is treated makes it very durable and hold its structure well. I've had no creases or dents. No issues in the rain or when it gets wet, I just wipe it off.

I remember walking into a Moynat store around 2021 or 2022 and the SA there thought my bag was new. That's how good it looks.

If you like, I can take photos of it when I get home.

Here you go!

I did find a bit of wear on the chain in one small area but I think that’s when I tried to squeeze through a closing door and ultimately scraped it lol, so that’s on me. :P:facepalm:

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She has done very well!

I do not clean any of my bags with any leather cleaners or spray them down with any protective coating.
The most I’ll do is spot clean with a baby wipe if I see a spot or something.

For me:
- YSL envelope bag, size medium, grain de poudre, black on black
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I've had this bag since Feb 2017. It is a very versatile bag for me. YSL bags (not counting their totes or bags like the Sac De Jour) tend to run small so I got a medium (which isn't that big).
The grain de poudre leather is very scratch resistant, easy to clean and wipe off any spills. It is a very structured bag so will not stretch but will hold its shape very well for many years.
It is versatile, can be worn crossbody or on the shoulder. The strap is mostly a chain but the parts touching the shoulder are leather which makes it comfortable.
Has a magnetic closure, pretty solid magnet. Never had an issue with the magnet loosing its strength or difficulty opening or closure.
The shape allows it to sit close to the body without sticking out in a bulky or awkward way. I think it's a great day to night bag as well.
Wear and tear: Chipping on the hardware is pretty minor. And I do not baby my bags. I've put this on concrete a few times and scraped it against doors. There will be a little wear and tear on the corners but it is minimal IMO. It is actually my daily errand bag so I can confidently say it is not only the oldest bag but also most used bag in my collection.

(Though oof, I see they've done another price increase. Granted I got mine in 2017 when it was about $2200 USD).