Entry Level H large bag/diaper bag for SAHM

  1. I'm looking for recommendations for an all-purpose workhorse type bag for a SAHM with two children under 3 (not for me), for doubling as a purse/tote/diaper bag. Not a Birkin level bag, but more affordable.
  2. Garden party?
  3. Garden Party Tote for sure! I lug mine to the park, Target, etc. Great for those days when I don't feel like dressing up. I think the medium sized one was around $1,700? The only thing about the GPT is that there is no shoulder strap for the larger sizes--(wait, I think GT mentioned that there may be a new one with a strap? you may want to verify.). There is also the Caravanne Horizontal--leather, lots of outside pockets with a shoulder strap--I think this starts in the upper $2Ks?? To organize things a bit, I'd recommend getting a Chameleon insert in the GPT because there are no interior pockets.

    The other alternative is the Evelyne, but that wouldn't really be too suitable for a diaper bag--even in the largest size, due to its narrow silhouette. Sippy cups, extra cloths, etc. would be bulging. At best, good for some quick runs to the store with one or two diapers and wipes.
  4. That's exactly what I was thinking.
  5. There's also the Victoria, or Victoria II, costs a little more than the GP. Also very versatile.
  6. Garden Party!
  7. Definitely garden party!
  8. The 35cm GPT (the PM size) fits easily over the shoulder. Thow in a purseket and you have the perfect diaper bag!
  9. I woulde have to say if it must be Hermes then a Garden Party gets my vote.
  10. Victoria II pm in chocolate clemence.
    Victoria II PM.JPG
  11. MP, gorgeous Victoria II--first one I've seen, and I love the Berlingot in your avatar. Gorgeous choices!
  12. There is a new tote bag this SS2007. It looks like the Garden Party, but has the extra long leather strap (like the long strap of the Kelly Flat) in front. Anyone knows the name?
  13. Definitely Garden party, Add a Twilly to the strap and you'll be the most chic mommy around!
  14. GP was the first thing that came to mind. I think they are simply gorgeous every day bags!!!
  15. Another vote for Sac Garden Party!! :yes: