Engagementring for chubby, child-like hand

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  1. So pretty! In my case, I go a little larger rather than smaller cuz my fingers swell for any darn reason some days! Of course in the summer when it's warmer, but also if I have had something salty the day before, or sometimes for some unknown reason! Sometimes my rings are flipping around, and sometimes I can't get them on! But my knuckles are bigger than the part of my finger where the rings go, so they would never fall off even when loose. They way you describe your fingers, though, this might be a concern if you went looser. But it's all a moot point now- Congratulations!
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  2. I know this is counterintuitive but you should go with a wider band. This contains the bulge and “evens” out the finger circumference (I hope I’m making sense) anyway, I was not very successful in finding an image but this is the idea. You can pair a simple wider band with the rings you tried and liked.
    It yellow gold suits your coloring, go with that.

  3. I think you need a medium to thick band. I have similar hands to yours. I find anything that is emerald or marquis shaped looks awful on me. Any ring that is elongated north to south looks terrible, and wearing that type of design makes it looks like the ring is misshapen. You can get away with marquis, but round is the optimal shape, with princess cut coming in second. A trinity ring looks lovely, as do any kind of band. Rolling rings look good too. It doesn’t matter if you get a solitaire or smaller invisible set stones. They look equally great! Congratulations, btw.
  4. WOOHOOO!!! Congratulations!!! It’s beautiful. I hope it symbolizes a lifetime of joy and happiness for your family.
  5. misstrine85,


    I am happy that you found a ring that you love. In the picture you posted modeling it a few days ago, it looks very pretty on your finger!
  6. Thank you so much everyone for your help ❤️

    I keep looking at the pictures of the ring. I love it ❤️

    Now I just have to be patient and wait for my boyfriend to ask me to be his wife ❤️
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  7. Best wishes! Your choice looks beautiful. That's a great idea to have chosen a style that can be resized, as over the years our fingers can change size, even with seasons or weather or time of day. And if you find over time that a different fit would work better, you have the flexibility to change the size.

    Yellow gold is a classic and can be very low-maintenance. Even polishing is not necessary (and can remove some gold) unless you really want to have scratches removed. And most of the scratches will be on the base of the band, not visible near the stones. Plus the YG will match your other jewelry, so that seems like a great decision.
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  8. Sounds like you’ve found your ring!

    Have you looked into eternity bands? I have chubby small hands too and I really like the way eternity bands look on my finger. You can get a 2 - 2.5 Ctw eternity band for around 3k.
  9. Update: we picked up the ring today. It fits perfectly in a 56,5. Now all I have to do is wait. That should be the easy part... :biggrin:
  10. Wheee!!!!! Tell him to get on it!! Thousands of people are waiting on a reveal!!!!!
  11. He knows :biggrin: he says that he is planning a surprise. And that he KNOW I will be surprised. So it won’t be on a date or something like that. More like out grocery shopping ore something like that :biggrin:

    I didn’t get to see the ring today, I was only “allowed” to try it on. He said it look even more beautiful than the one I tried on when we ordered it. And he sent a picture of it to one of my friends. Her reaction was something along the lines of “holy cow. That ring is beautiful!”

    I. CAN’T. WAIT.

    We have also decided that we should both have the same last name as our son. My boyfriends last name is the same as a flower and mine is a -sen name (like the english -son names) and then with a hyphen, so I’ll be Mrs Trine middlename flowername-xxxsen ❤️
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