Engagementring for chubby, child-like hand

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  1. I tried the double halo ring yesterday. As beautiful as it was it wasn’t me at all.

    So today we’re going to a jewelleyshop together while my parents look after our son ❤️
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  2. I tried a lot of rings today, and really love this one ❤️

    It is different than I had thought, so I am happy I tried on other styles.

    I think it is really beautiful, but I have to really feel if I only feel attached to it because it is “the one” or because it is diamonds on MY finger (and I am used to costume jewellery).

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  3. I think it is beautiful and looks lovely on your hand. I also love stacked bands so he could also buy you other, thinner diamond bands for anniversaries and the possibilities could be endless.

    But the only way you will know if it is the one is to try on a bunch of others.
  4. That was a great idea! First a plain (I think) wedding band and then for anniversaries ❤️

    We’ll go to a local jeweller tomorrow and then to another shop the same chain as this one on tuesday.

    But I keep looking at the pictures - I can’t not look - and I get this warm feeling in my stomach ❤️
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  5. Sounds like you found your ring. ❤️
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  6. Today I tried on a bunch if others. And nothing compares to the one from saturday. So we’ll go back to that shop tomorrow and try it again. The didn’t have my size in that ring (or other rings in my size). Only rings with the same band but different diamond-setting, and only in size 56 and 58. I think I am a 57.

    They can order it in size 57, but we have to pay for it upfront and there is a no return policy!

    But I think that if I find that 56 is too small and 58 too big, then 57 will suit me. And they gave the option of having it made half a size bigger or smaller as well.

    The jeweller I talked to today says that all ring will always have that little muffintop because my fingers aren’t the widest at my knuckles but at the base of my finger. So it has to sit a bit tighter to not fall of.

    Any input on all of the above? Thank you, I really appreciate it ❤️
  7. I think you are sensitive to your fingers, I don’t see a muffin top at all. Your fingers are conical. Rings can be made smaller or larger. Just make sure it is on there well. You don’t want it escaping because you don’t have fat knuckles (like I do).
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  8. That was the word he used as well! I’ve never heard that before.

    I don’t have muffintop on the picture with “my ring” as the ring is way to big (a size 63). I will add pictures of a ring that has the right size and a muffintop :smile:

    Thsnk you for your help ❤️

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  9. That does look a little tight. If you went up a size, will it fall off?
  10. I think so.

    I tried these on on my smallest finger today. I think they were the right size. And I still get the small bulge.

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  11. The problem is that all 6 shops I’ve been to have only had small sizes for display. Then they will order the right size by measuring with a standard measuringtool. But that makes me a 58 and I tried a 57 in one of the boutiques and that fit. Even though she had just measured me a 58! It is because the band is wider in the measuringtool. So tomorrow I will try the acutual rings in size 56 and 58 (although not “my” ring” but one with the same width). They don’t stock 57.
  12. Hi misstrine85,

    Thank you for updating us on your ring shopping. Of the pictures you have posted, I like the ring with the five diamonds (first picture) the best!

    The only thing I can add on size is that if you are trying on several rings in a short amount of time, your finger could swell slightly. Not sure it would make a significant difference, but it might be worthwhile to get a measurement when you are confident that your finger is at its normal size.
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  13. We went back to try it on again today, and we ended up ordering it!!!

    It felt so right ❤️

    I tried a ring with the same band on in 56 and 58 and 58 was way to big. 56 was a liiitle bit too tight, so we ended up ordering a 56 1/2. 56 was my size before getting pregnant, and I want to loose more weight than my pre-baby weight. And they can make it up to two sizes smaller (or bigger) later on.

    So this can go down to a 54 1/2 and I don’t imagine my fingers getting smaller than that. They have always chubby even when the rest of my body wasn’t.

    This is crazy. We just bought my ENGAMGEMENTRING!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Now I just jave to wait for my dbf to pop the question ❤️❤️❤️
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  14. #30 May 28, 2019
    Last edited: May 28, 2019
    More pictures and info ❤️

    18 carat gold
    35 diamonds
    Carat: 0,38 total
    Colour: white/ Wesselton Scan. D.N. / H GIA
    Clarity SI1 (Small Inclusions).

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