Engagementring for chubby, child-like hand

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  1. I need your help. My dear boyfriend has asked me for wishes about what kind of engagementring I would like.

    I don’t normally wear rings as I don’t particulairly like my hands. They are chubby and looks like something that belongs on a child instead of a 34 year old woman. But I want a ring for our engagement, not another piece of jewellery.

    I am not normally into super slim rings with one stone in the middle as I think it enhances the look of my hands. I like the look of many small diamonds in the middle forming a circle instead of one bigger stone. But I don’t know what would look best? A thick, medium or slimmer band? One bigger stone or more smaller stones? Perhaps slim band with a big cluster of diamonds in the middle? Or medium band with a big cluster?

    My ringsize is 56 and my glovesize is 6-6,5. I normally wear colorful nailpolish :smile:

    Please excuse my dry eczema hands. I wash them constantly as we have a small baby ❤️

    I really appreciate your help!

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  2. Oh and the budget it around 3000 usd. I don’t know if the price is the same in the US and Denmark (where I live).
  3. Hi misstrine85,

    Congratulations on your engagement!

    My recommendation is to go with a ring with either one large central stone or several stones clustered together. The more surface area the ring covers the more people will notice the ring instead of your fingers.

    When I saw the photo of your hand, it reminded me of the somewhat famous photo of Elizabeth Taylor holding up her hand to show off the Krupp Diamond. The photo is the second one in the article that I am linking to this post. By the way, her ring is definitely in the TOO large category.

  4. Thank you for your reply ❤️

    We are not engaged yet, only talking about it. It will be in the future, not next month but not in 4 years either.

    I really like this ring. Do you think it would suit me? https://marryandme.dk/produkter/smykker/ringe/ma-vie-en-rose-18-kt-ring-med-brillanter/

    And! Elizabeths hand in that picture looks just like my hand. I may have found my identical hand twin (“Friends” reference ). And that ring is much to big for my taste
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  5. Congratulations on your UPCOMING engagement. I hope your boyfriend doesn't keep you waiting too long!

    Elizabeth Taylor's ring looks a little bit like an ice cube, but it probably suited her personality. LOL.

    I think the ring style you selected would be an excellent choice for you. The double halo should make it super sparkly! Also, while the ring is substantial enough to wear alone, the style will also pair very well with a wedding band.
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  6. I think the one you linked to is lovely. I would really suggest going to a store and trying rings on to see in person what looks good on your hand.
  7. That's a beautiful ring!
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  8. I agree about getting a larger ring that covers more surface area. A thin, delicate ring can make my fingers look sausagey when they swell up, but large chunky rings usually have a slimming effect.
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  9. I’d suggest spending some time trying everything possible on. Don’t prejudge any styles just give a go!
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  10. Thank you all for your replies ❤️

    I think we will go and try different rings.

    Next question: yellow or while gold?

    I always year YG earrings and bracelets as it suits my skintone and face the best. I have a neutral skintone with yellow undertone (but red ckeeks because of rosacea).

    I have always thought than an engagementring would be yellow gold but now I look in the engagementthread here and see mostly white gold. And I like the look of that as well.
  11. I agree with everything said here

    I also agree about ET but if the Krupp diamond were mine of course there would be no 'too' about it and perhaps that's what the altogether stunningly beautiful film star (at any weight or age) thought too ;)
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  12. Some 'chunky' rings can actually shorten the fingers more. The band shouldn't be too wide either.

    The band can be quite dainty, the depth of the shank ring should be quite flush to the finger but never tight. If the stone sits a little more proud (high) like a Princess ring the fingers should look smaller but I'm agreeing with everyone, go an try on many style and congratulations!!!!!
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  13. go with whichever you like better. If you normally wear YG, it makes sense to get YG. This is a forever ring. Don't be influenced by others.
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  14. yes, fashions come and go in rings. Platinum and white gold have been very popular for awhile now. I notice that many of us that were married in the 1980s or earlier have YG. But it seems YG is having a comeback. Having said this, you should not care what is the 'style' now or what is 'not' Get what you love! Personally, even though I wear a lot of sterling silver jewelry, if I buy precious jewelry (of which I don't have much) I get YG.
  15. Update:

    I talked to my bf about wanting to try the ring on. I asked him if either of two scenarios could be possible:

    1. I try on different rings. He buys the ring I choose and saves it for when he will propose.

    2. He proposes and then we go ring shipping.

    He chose option 1, so tomorrow I am going to the shop where I found the beautiful double halo ring to try that and other rings ❤️

    He won’t purchase right now, but they make rings to order, so he will always be able to get it. I am so happy and can’t wait. I hadn’t in my entire lifetime imagined that I could ever get an engagementring in that budget. I had thought more like 1/4. I know it is not the price it is about, but this is crazy (in a good way) for me ❤️
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